Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Ester

Was suppose to go for Jacky Cheung's autograph session in Sg Wang yesterday.
But CS called to go celebrate Ester's birthday so no choice but to cancel my 'chase star' plan.

Drove Ester and Fi to Cheras to meet up with CS and SS. Then we hop into CS's car and she drove to Ampang for korean food. -drooling- Got lost in the middle of the way cuz CS took the wrong turning. Luckily managed to find the place after she get directions from her friend.

This Korean restaurant, Han Woo Ri is situated in Ampang Jaya (I think), near Ampang Point and De Palma hotel. In so called the Korean Village. Whereby the whole block of buildings are full of Korean restaurants, Korean marts and even Korean language center. :D There are so many Korean restaurants, how do you know which is nice and which is not? Well, all you can do is... try each and every one of them :D

BBQ Beef

Side dishes

After dinner we headed to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in Cheras Leisure Mall for a drink. Thanks for the night out gals. I enjoyed myself very much. Listening to all your stories. Gossips gossips :D We wanted to order that huge tub of milk tea specially for birthdays but we had to spend RM30, and we were awfully full to the max. So no luck :( Next time lah. Drink till you drop man that one. So big tub. By the way, minimum 6 person required.

Me and the birthday girl.

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Ester said...

Yo,yo! Thank u sooo much gal! Thanks to u gals for making my day! We sud meet sometime sooner! ^^*