Monday, March 05, 2007

Malaysia Dapat!

Hmm, seriously, I'm kinda proud being a Malaysian. And I'm grateful being a lucky Malaysian. I mean, we have no big disasters happening, we are a developing country. We produce our own national cars, manufacture our own things, we have the capability to export. We have wonderful historical and tourist sites and attractions. We have the erm... 5th tallest building in the world? We have traffic jams, lottering, mat rempits, accidents and a whole lot more. Oops! =p Hell yeah, we're great isn't it?

Many people go goo goo ga ga over 'foreign products'. (Well, who doesn't?) A debatable question: Foreign = better quality? Does it mean that our products are not of good quality?

Anyway, other people might be supporting ONLY international artists (NOTE the 'ONLY'), but I'm definitely into supporting local artists! Not that I DON'T support international artists at all, of course I do. I support all who sings good songs :D But mainly I support the local artists now. I want them to make it big in overseas. I want them to have high popularity. I want them to be famous all around the world. =D

Name them? Well, mainly Chinese artists. Danny One, Daniel Lee, Fish Leong, Lim Yee Chung, Guang Liang, Gary Chaw, Kwok Fai, John, Des, Pin Guan, Quincy, Wei Quan, Vick, Victor, Andrew, Anthony, Faizal, Farah, Nita, Reshmonu, Sasi The Don, Sheila Majid, Amy Mastura, Ning Baizura, Siti Nurhaliza and loads and loads more.

You guys makes us proud yaw! Keep it up! Sing me more good songs :D

Malaysia DAPAT! (My BM teacher once said Malaysia Boleh is wrong. It should be Malaysia Dapat.)

Kids... aren't they the sweetest thing on earth. They're sweeter than candy. They make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry, make you sad... But with just a smile on their face, looking into your eyes, your heart meltz. I wish that they're actually in Neverland where they won't grow up. I wish they can be babies forever. Their cute lil actions can make me laugh non stop. And smiling to myself like a weirdo.

The love of my life - My baby cousin

All the while, she always just call me 'jie jie'. Two days ago, she suddenly called me "Eve Lynn jie jie". Oh gosh, I just felt like crying at that moment. The feeling is like when your baby called you 'mummy' the first time. The feeling when you open your arms and she run towards you and give you a big hug. The feeling when you carry her, and she hug you closely and lay her head on your shoulder. The feeling of her laughing innocently at whatever you're doing. Unexplainable. Warm. Love.

I collected the "7 dwarfs" from Watsons! Yippee yay!

My fave among all. Gambateh!

Went for a Love Charity event in Bkt Jalil outdoor today. There's a hip hop dance competition. Danny's one of the judges. He looks moody to me. =( Halfway it started to rain. And the event was postponed. We waited and waited and waited. As we walk to the food court, Danny also walked to the toilet. When he came back and walked passed us, he didn't see us at first until we called him. ML asked him to sign.

Danny: "You guys going for Lee Hom's concert?"
ML: "Yeah."
Danny: "Icic, got pen ah?" =_="
HT: "I bring in then pass to you later."
Danny: "Thanks for coming. Say hie to lee hom for me."

Shutz. I should have opened my mouth and tell him I'm not going for Lee Hom. I didn't even dare to look at him. Don't know why. *bang wall*

We waited and waited and waited.

The rain still hasn't stop. Until 7.30pm. Argh, i'm rushing for my family dinner!!! HT said they had to leave by 7pm for another event. After the prize giving, we wanted to leave as the emcee said the singing cancelled. Walking to the car park, Itung called saying Danny will be singing. So we rush back and sat down to wait.

We waited and waited and waited.

Why the heck are we waiting? Nobody's doing anything! Mana tau is have to wait for the official launching at some other place for the VVIPs to come and sit down. Swt. We thought, ok, then Danny will sing dee. (It was 8pm already!) Mana tau got cultural dance. Ok, nvm, wait, after this is Danny already. Maaaaa turtle! Then the Datuk go give speech oh! Turtle! Cannot wait dee. Had to rush back. Sorry Danny ='( Arghhh, disappointment fills within me. I'm so looking forward to this performance but no.. the sky has to rain, and the datuk has to give speech. Arghh... Whatever... fated... Hopefully I can win the fans gathering passes for 0304. Anyway, though sad, but thanks to CY, SS, ML, T for teman-ing me. And thanks to my baby cousin for making me so happy. Mwaks mwaks!

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