Monday, March 12, 2007

Totally unexpected...

Went for Project Superstar shows two days in a row.
Yesterday - for Vivian
Today - for Henley

At this stage, looking at all 8 of them, I actually like all of them. I don't want any of them to leave. But, sigh, it's a competition. Sooner or later, they will have to leave.

I totally love Orange's make up and outfit yesterday. Diana's voice is good. Yuni sang pretty well for F.I.R's Revolution. And I actually like Vivian's r&b song!

Henley looks like a star today, sang pretty well but he's sick. Yi Xin challenged a fast song. Nick's 'zhuan shu tian shi' was superb. Everyone loved Wee's performance, maybe because he's the sporting type.

Results: Eliminated - Vivian, Orange, Yi Xin, Nick

I never expected Vivian and Nick to go out. I cried in the studio. Especially when they announced Vivian's name. Why??? She deserved to stay! Well, everybody deserved to stay! And Nick... On stage, Henley already think that he'll be out. But, end up it's Nick. Tough competition. Really tough.

Well, anyway, there's still the revival round.

After the show, we waited outside for the contestants to come out. They were hurried to the car. So only manage to hug Vivian and shake hands with Henley. Didn't took pic with any superstar contestants. I find it weird. In MI and OIAM, everybody will wait until the end of the show to take pics with the contestants. But in PSS, only a few will wait. And the crew will hurry the contestants away. Grr... I only took pic with Tang Xiao Kang. He's so cute la. So small size =p and a funny guy.

Saw this cute guy at the show. =p but nah, i won't tell u who. kakakaka!

Gosh, i'm liking Henley more and more. Uh oh, Teng, don't kill me. =p

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