Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Emo Me...

Haha, now only I realize that moody posting of mine really scared a lot of people.
Well, i'm not being action here saying that I have a lot of people that cares about me.
But to all my faithful blog readers, thanks for your concerns. Thanks for all your messages. I'm sorry for being so emo.

But this is another emo blog post ;p Well, emo in another way... :D

Just watched 2 episodes of "Lavender" (Xun Yi Cao) a Taiwanese drama. Gosh, watch 1st episode already start crying dee. Hehe, I guess I'm made out of water lah. A bit touched only I can tear out already =_=" For example those CNY Petronas ads, love stories, people cry I also can cry, hearing nice songs. I can't imagine if I were to study overseas, I think I'll cry day and night missing my home. Ambrose Xu is hawt =D If only childhood promises will last forever.

Gosh, this year loads of my friends are gonna be 21 years old. Wallet gonna splurt out blood soon. Why can't my dad print money? =_="

Gosh, these few days I'm into this Korean singer/actor - John Hoon (Kim Jeong Hoon). Perhaps because I saw one episode of The Princess Hours on 8tv the other day. He's so cute and nice! And well, maybe because he looks like erm... XXX.

Pic taken from John Hoon's friendster (do you think he looks like Hideaki Takizawa?)

Sometimes I wonder if we're meant to be friends?
How can she say things like that?
Please stop. You're hurting everyone.


Shin Sar said...

Hmm, I don't think John Hoon looks like Taki..

But I do agree XXX looks like Taki (or should it be Taki looks like XXX? Whatever :P). If XXX looks like John Hoon, then indirectly Taki looks like John. Hahaha!!!

Eebeelinny said...

Swt... you're confusing me...