Sunday, April 01, 2007


I didn't want to blog today one at first...
but due to SOME things, I desperately need to voice out my anger. I just can't stand keeping it inside of me.
Since young, I never liked people saying me about what I'm not, what I did not do. Blaming me for no reason at all. I just don't know why, I'll get very angry and very sad. People say I should choose to forgive and forget. I might forgive but I WON'T FORGET. Geram. SO STOP BLAMING ME FOR NO REASON AT ALL!

Went and see Evan Yo at Selayang Mall today. Arghh, kena electric shot already. His smile and his eye contact can kill you. He's sooo interactive with his fans. Whenever the song lyrics has the word ni (you), he'll point to everybody. From left to right. Up to down. And when I went up to let him sign, first he look up and smiled and said HIE, then he sign, then he took out his hand to shake hand and smiled and say 'xie xie!' Argh, so cute la he.

CY, T and ML went Malacca but I attended my friend Marianne's birthday party. It's good to see all of them again. Though some of them didn't come such as Kathleen, Ria etc. This morning I really missed the times we spent together in school. The things we did together. The fun we shared. I missed backwood and scouting the most. Haha. SQ said we must plan a trip to Redang. Yes, I'm so looking forward to it. But who plan?

Have you ever experienced an instant moment where everybody who's with you are feeling the same? I experienced it a few times. Few days back I was having dinner with my family, and I felt that I wasn't enjoying the dinner, and I felt that my family weren't enjoying as well. Haha. At that moment, I know we all felt it. Whatever is going through everyone's mind is the same thing. But all I know is, I'm not happy. Told ya I can turn moody immediately.

11pm just now was Danny as guest DJ at Nic's program on 988. I sent in 3 smses, called in hundred times, manage to call through but no one answer. And the worst, I called in, I got through, Ah Nic answered my phone but he couldn't hear me. Kcuf. 2 times! IT HAPPENED TO ME TWICE! Once was yesterday, when I used CY's handphone to call, same thing happened. And then just now again. And Sar experienced it last time. My fault? Or their fault? I guess I'm just bad luck. But other people call in is ok. Damn. And, there was this stupid girl who called in, her name is Tracy. MENSIASUIKAN other people's name who's also tracy. I don't give a damn if she's reading my blog or whatever. 1st, she called in and say that other people's singing sucks. 2nd, she thinks she's damn smart, studying BIO CHEM, saying that 'I think I'm good enough, no need to study this (Tamadun Islam).' and 'this is too easy, never teach in college' WTF! I'm sure you've studied BEFORE in school in history classes, and since you're so smart, answer it la. And 3rd, stop COMPARING DANNY AND DANIEL ok! 4th, I don't care you're pretty or whatsoever, with your attitude like that, I doubt you are. And you're complaining Daniel is too short? What, for you? Not that Daniel will choose you anyway. And, Danny also won't choose you lah. Make sure I don't see you tomorrow. NGO PEI SI LEI AH! Geram x 10000000000.

You can say that I'm being too straight or whatever. I guess I'll never be up to who they are. They've been there for him since 3 years ago. Me? Not worth a single cent. Yes, I admit I'm jealous. They'll always be the no.1 fans. He will always love them very much. Well, don't care lah. Just support him like a normal fan. Don't expect too much.

-A true friendship will last forever-

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Shin Sar said...

Believe it or not, I felt the same way, too - about them who have been supporting him for the past 3 yrs. When he mentioned about them (in 988 last Saturday), a group of people who have been supporting him, I know who he meant and we are not included in that group *sob*sob*

No matter what we do, we can never be in par with them. But nothing can stop me from supporting him :D I'm sure that applies to you, too.

I really wanna see him climbing up the ladder of success, especially in HK. ;)