Saturday, March 17, 2007

What Can I Do?

Went to Kuantan on Wednesday for one day trip...
Actually, it was a very last minute decision cuz Uncle IH wanted to go and check out fishing boats... So asked us to follow him there. Learned and heard a lot of stories from him. I guess many people were shocked to know. Looking at their facial expression. Well, I guess I would be the same if I were them.

I'm so not in the mood to study or do my work. Haha, i've been saying this for like the past few years huh? This year, really totally 0% no mood. Don't know how am I gonna pass... Maybe I should just fail it and work instead :(

I had a bad dream the other day... A very bad one... You won't know what happens tomorrow... Perhaps the next minute you'll be gone... Perhaps you'll be a star... Perhaps, perhaps...

What can I do, when I need advice, but there's no one at all that I can go to?
What can I do, if it's the end of the world tomorrow?
What can I do, when the whole world is facing its back on me?
What can I do, when I know that dreams will NEVER come true?

My imagination is running wild today. I just don't know what happen. I can't control it. Crazy thoughts. Really stupid. Crazy. Getting angry and sad over all these imaginations... Waaa~~

You made my day... thanks :)

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