Sunday, October 02, 2005

At last...

Finally, i get to post up my latest news... my connection has been down for the past week, now i'm ready to rock and roll!
Culinaire Malaysia 2005 - KL Convention Center (21.09.05 - 24.09.05)
At first i had exam until the 22nd, but i think God heard my prayers and my exam was shorten to 20th... kakaka... I went on 21st and 22nd, because my lecturer was in the competition, so go there and support him! Erm, overall it's ok lar... some is boring, some is interesting... they have categories like flambe, flairing, cocktail, hot dishes - meat, hot dishes - seafood etc... In hall 5 is the culinaire thingy while hall 1 - 4 is the exhibition... didn't go to the exhibition cuz din have time... half the hall they use to exhibit the dishes prepared during 3am-7am the morning itself... they sapu a layer of gel, so all the dishes looked a bit ... erm... dry. The chocolate carvings, butter carvings were awesome! About 10 people from TCHT joined the competition... They performed pretty well! A lot of supporters from our college too! It's a good experience to see other people's creativity and learn the concept of the competition... it's also a fun time to hang out with friends... The worst thing is imagine you go there early in the morning, tak makan apa-apa, stand in a hall full of food, but cannot leave the hall because you don't want to miss your friend's performance... aiyo... my stomach was drumming non stop... The second day was more fun because they have ice carving... damn chun! Other than that, you also can meet a lot of leng chai chefs and meet people from the hospitality industry! Damn chun!

-Made out of dough, chun huh?-

My lecturer's creation... kewl?

Can you do this in one hour's time?

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