Friday, October 21, 2005

8TV Quickie

Haha, it's been quite some time since i post here...

Well, I was told that Daniel will be on the 8TV Quickie on Wednesday night, 19/10/05 at 11pm... Haha, all the forummers in DFC were eagerly waiting for it! Then, there was this serial killer show until 12am, so the Quickie only started at 12am...

Adam was "all by myself" (he sang) cuz Marion went to London or something like that... He was giving away a Too Phat cd and Daniel's Mimpi single. Some guy called in to win the Too Phat cd, and then a girl name Pei Yin (from forum) won the Mimpi single... haha, she's so cute lar, she sounded so nervous! Then Adam continue chatting with Daniel, and i kept calling in, just to try my luck... After like 30 or 40 times calling, I got through!!! Rang for like 10 times, then i wanted to put down, and i was so shocked when the director picked up the phone!!!

Director(D): 8TV Quickie! How can I help you?
Me: Err... err... err... err... (Too nervous!!)
D: Do you want to talk to Daniel?
Me: YES YES YES!! Of course!!!
D: Can I have your name and your contact number?
Me: *Gave my name and my phone number*
D: Are you a big fan of Daniel?
Me: Very!!!
D: Oh ok! (Laughs) Where are you calling from, Eve Lynn?
Me: From KL...
D: Ok, Eve Lynn, please hold on a moment... Ok, you're on!
Adam: Hello!
Me: Hi Adam!
Adam: Hi, who's on the line?
Me: Eve Lynn here...
Adam: Lynn (Ish... i said Eve Lynn! Haha!) What question do you have for Daniel?
Me: Ok, hi Daniel... erm, you said that you've moved down to KL right?
Daniel: Not exactly moved down, but just temporarily...
Me: Oh ok, then how bout your family?
Daniel: My family? Oh, they come and see me sometimes...
Me: Oh ok...
Adam: Where are you calling from, my dear?
Me: KL...
Adam: Ok, KL..
Me: Actually Daniel... do you remember me? I'm Eve Lynn... the birthday girl... on Sept 17... in Midvalley Carrefour... (Daniel looks damn blur, turn to Adam with a 'what-did-she-say" look...)
Adam: She says she's the birthday girl in Midvalley on Sept 17.
Daniel: Oh ya, ya... Now i remember...
Adam: Can we give her a cd? We still have some right? (Turn to Daniel)
Daniel: ... I think so... (Laughs)
Adam: Do we have some more cds? Yes, we still have...
Me: Are you serious? Oh my god, thank you! Thank you thank you!!!
Adam: Say 'I love Daniel'...
Me (screamed): I LOVE DANIEL!!!
Adam: (Daniel laughed!) Ok thank you! Bye!
Me: Bye!

Oh my gosh!!! I was so nervous i forgot what i wanted to say! But it's a wonderful experience and my first time on air! Haha!

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