Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to Eve Lynn!!!

17 SEPTEMBER 2005 - Okok, i know it's a bit perasan lar... but heck!!! Oh, my friends said my fonts were too small, so better make it bigger! Oh my god, today is the MOST memorable day in my entire 19 years of life... Erm, woke up at 12pm, haha, went to oug for lunch in Secret Recipe with mom and bro... then shop around for some stuff then go home about 3.30pm... Get ready, then wait for Ching Yee they all to come fetch me for a SURPRISE DINNER. Studied while waiting.. sad case la, birthday also have to study... around 5.30pm they came, the 'they' is Natassya, Ching Yee, Anjanna and Ria... they blindfolded me, and brought me to Midvalley... like i cannot sense the direction in the car like taht... hmpf, then they brought me all the way to Kim Gary, while i'm BLINDFOLDED!! I look like a blind baboon walking around... hehe, but well, now i know how precious eyesights are... really! Really pity the blinds. After eating dinner, they brought me to Carrefour, where the Malaysian Idol stage is... the emcee was giving away CDs... i was still blindfolded by the way... About 8 something the idols came... there were Daniel, Nita, Xerra, Azam, Adam, Atilia, Trish, Faizull, Ash, Farah, and Saiful from MI season one! Ok, here's the best part! Anjanna and Ching went to one crew and told them it was my bday, and request for Daniel to sing a birthday song to me... Then, they wrote on a paper and show to Daniel (as we were quite near to where Daniel is sitting) saying that it's my birthday... Ok, first to perform was Saiful, he sang 'Ku Juga Mencintaimu' and 'Tak Ku Duga' (duet with Xerra), then was Azam who sang 'Nilai Cinta mu', next up was Atilia who sang 'Menaruh Harapan', then Adam who sang 'Setulus Cintamu', then Farah 'Semakin Rindu Semakin Sayang', then Nita duet with Atilia 'Mata', then Daniel!!! Ok, Daniel went on stage and say hi to everyone.. then he said 'Today is a special day because it's someone's birthday, her name is Eve Lynn!' Oh my god la, i cried! He ask me to go on stage and everybody, the idols and everybody around the stage sang a birthday song to me! And he gave me 3 passes to the Grand Finale!!! And i shook his hands for like 4 times!!! Aiya, tonight dowan to wash my hand already!!! Then i went back to my place and he sang 'Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi', then was Faizull who sang 'Nur Nilam Sari'... Then was the autograph session, all the idols wished me happy birthday, but didn't get to take picture with Daniel!!! Ching yee gave a book mark to Daniel, but wasted la she didn't put our hp numbers and email add inside!!! Ish!!! All the idols were so nice!!! Except for Faizull, he looks a bit moody... Saiful is cute... Nita and Farah are so gorgeous!!! I want their body!!! I want Daniel!!!!! I'm definitely going to the Grand Finale... making big banners and posters!!! I want Daniel to wish me Happy Birthday again!!!!!!!! Oklar oklar, back to reality!!! Gtg study now!!! To everybody, thanks for making my day a wonderful day! i'll never ever forget you all!!! Thanks for your wishes and messages, and presents and cards!!! Thanks!!!! God bless!!!

Oklar, i shall post other pictures some other times... Haha, so anybody else going to Grand Finale to support Daniel? Maybe we can go in a group... PM me in the MI forum, my nickname is sevelynn, or just msg me here! Thanks!

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