Monday, November 28, 2005

Daniel's Album Released!

Well, kinda late to say this, but Daniel's first album was released on 22nd November 2005... Very sad cuz i couldn't go for the press conference in Planet Hollywood due to revision class... Heard that the Pinkies had loads of fun... Aih, jealousnya aku! Luckily Ching Yee went and bought me 2 cds...

Honestly, a lot of people who are 'not-so-into' Daniel, kept asking me why i like Daniel... They keep saying that he can't sing, not good looking... Does it mean that you only can like your idol if he/she is good looking? No right!

1. His talent - he's so good in playing music instruments, guitar, piano and violin...

2. His attitude - His friendliness, his persistence, his dreams, and his humbility (is it spelt like that?)

3. His taste/style - Daniel's fashion style, his taste is everything is also similar to mine... That's why i like his songs! =p

4. He is also a very fast learner. He is very fast in adapting himself into new environment and to face the media...

Basically everything about daniel also i like!!! Hehehe!!! I'm sure that you guys will like him too when you hear his songs!!! So go go go! Buy his album! Support original, say NO to piracy!!!

There are 10 songs in Daniel's album:
1. Fei (Chinese version of Mimpi)
2. Xuan Zhe (The Choice)
3. You Ji (Organic Love)
4. I Don't Know
5. Xian Zai Hen Xiang Jian Ni (Love To See You Now)
6. Wu Fa Zi Ba
7. Xin Yun Er (Lucky One)
8. Di Er Ci Tung Hua (Second Childhood)
9. Heaven Knows
10. Mimpi

RM35.90 only! But some music stores will sell at RM31.90 - RM33.90... Cheap ma!!! Go buy! Inside got loads of nice pics of Daniel, then got romanized lyrics for those who can't read chinese!

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