Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Finally, trials is over... but 33 hours later i will be sitting for my finals for diploma! -_-... Haven't even study yet! Today chef patrick siau came in and give us some TIPS for finals, i got headache after that, so many things to study! And i have less than 24 hours to revise on everything!!!

Our batch is kinda unlucky, cuz supposingly all batches should get minimum one week study week between the trials and finals, but no, we only get 1 DAY! Haha! Stupid right the college! I know they sure say 'aiya, got study week or not also you're suppose to start doing revision long time ago, not last minute studying!' Halo! Typical Malaysian students la... sure all also last minute one ler...

Got our trials result today at 5.30pm... Soon after we took our LAN Malaysian Studies test... Erm, overall is ok... got 15.96/20 for my global average... Argh!!! 0.04 more marks i can get 'congrats from jury', but heck! Trials only mar... not that got cert also! If finals then can get scholarship la haha! Anyway, i'm not that geng ok! But it was my professional conduct that pulled my marks down.. i did not perform well... i was too nervous... got nervous break down kakaka! Got 12/20 for it... others got 16 or 17... sigh!!!

Got our finals timetable today! Really ridiculous and stupid lah!!! They cramp all the studying subjects in 2 days, then a 3 days weekend break, then wednesday kitchen practical (which has nothing to study), and thursday BM oral (also no need to study!), WTH!!! Jin jiak bo pa nai lor!!! Lagi sui is they cramp the management paper (which contains 5 studying subjects in one paper), and kitchen technology paper on the first day, which is the day after tomorrow! Go die la! Chiu!

Shuin la! Better go burn midnight oil now! Ciao!!!

P.S: Support Daniel ok! (Hehe, i have to mention Daniel in every post one la, hehe!)

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