Saturday, May 31, 2008


WAS deprived of sleep, but now, even though I just had like 5 hours of sleep I don't feel like sleeping yet. Suddenly I felt like 24 hours a day is not enough. I need 48 hours! Have so many things piling up that I haven't do. Although I'm not working. I haven't even go find a part time job! (more like I don't want to ;p)

I remember I used to thought of doing some freelance baking and sell to friends. Well, I haven't actually plan my decision yet but this week I got my so called first 'job sheet'. Haha. Was asked by my ex-manager to bake a cake for his birthday. Recipe given, and hell the recipe was from those professional pastry magazines which was adapted from one 5-star hotel in Singapore if i'm not mistaken. Seriously I had NO confidence in doing it at all, I even wanted to say no. But due to being so last minute I just give it a go.

The base.

Assembling the cake.

Final product - Pineapple Basil Mousse Cake

Erm, I wouldn't say it's a success because the outer layer which supposed to be chocolate mousse didn't look how it supposed to be. Thank god for cocoa powder - a simple and effective decoration. Mwahaha :) Need more practice. Hopefully my manager don't get food poisoning after this. Anyway, Happy Birthday Oties! :)

Something made me realize that, it's really difficult to trust a person anymore. I guess many of you will also agree with me on this right? It makes me hesitate everyone and anyone. It makes me scared to voice out my secrets to anyone. It makes being alone something luxurious. From one party you hear the story goes like ABC. But from another person what you hear is CBA. Some people blame others when they are the one who did it. There are hidden truth, unspeakable truth. You won't even know what is the actual story, because everything sounds so real. Complaining about it will not do much good, you'll end up making it worse. You'll make people hate you. Maturity makes them so immature. WTF. Can't you just have a simple mind for god's sake. Fcuk it. In the end it is you complainers suffer. End up you being unhappy, unsatisfied. Because I'm enjoying myself :)

Recently, a lot of people has been telling me that my idol is awesome. Not just in singing, but also in appreciating his fans. Yeah, I have to agree with you guys. He really does. Yesterday he blogged saying a FRIEND actually asked him to send his new launched songs over. He said 'u as my friend never bother supporting me and my album, whereas a bunch of friends has always been supporting me, even though our distance is not near, but they never let me down, no doubt I appreciate them more.' Quote of the year: "一斑一直支持我的朋友,他们的距离不是很近.但是他们重来没有让我失望过,难怪我会比较注重他们"

He's also a very charitable guy. The other day during the auction he's like the tai kor walking around asking every artistes to share and bid. I think he himself donated at least RM1000 in this Szechuan Relief already.

Anyway, WWT, pokok and hutan, upon your requests :) Say Goodbye, new song by Danny. A lot of people love it. I heart it too. When you're emo, listen to it you will get one litre of tears. Har har.

Say Goodbye

Melody: Danny One
Lyrics: Danny One/Wayne Wang

Yan lei bu ting zai liu
Ying gai jiu shi fang shou de shi hou
Qing ni bu yao wei wo an nao
Gei guan xin yi xie bao liu
Hui yi rang ta yi jiu
Shi jian lue guo
Ming tian de wo men, dou hai hui hao hao de guo

Say Goodbye
Kuai yao fen kai
Wo he ni yi bu hui zai chong lai
Ye bu hui you yi lai

It’s all right
Yi jing ming bai
Bu xu yao shuo de ru ci tan bai
Yong wo de xian zai
Cheng quan ni de wei lai


Say goodbye
Jiu kuai yao fen kai
Yi bu hui zai chong lai
Ye bu hui zai you yi lai

It’s all right
Yi jing ming bai
Bu xu yao shuo de ru ci tan bai
Yong wo de xian zai
Cheng quan ni de wei lai

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chunyiun said...

OK, i guess u r quite smart afterall..coz i was about to bug u for the lyrics..hehe...thankiu sakai..and yes, Danny One is awesome..i jealous one lor...if only my half of him...>.<"