Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Most Embarassing Day In My Life

For those who heard Danny's interview on 988 just now, congrats, you have just been entertained by a buffalo clown named Eve Lynn or Sevvy.

Two days ago Nic called me and Itung to plan a surprise visit to 988 during Danny's interview slot. It rained damn heavily previously, and with the announcement of petrol price increase of RM0.78 (wtf!), everywhere was jam. Danny was late so his interview which was supposed to be at 9pm had to be postponed to 10.30pm. (Ma de, only half an hour)

Ok, so me, Itung and Lemon went. We felt like thieves trying to break in a house, hiding and tip-toeing so that Danny cannot see us. And we had to crawl under the studio window so that he can't see us. The stupid things we do. Halfway talking we walk in and surprise!

Honestly I can't remember what really happened. I only know thanks to my beloved DJ Nic (don't let me know what car you drive) and my accidental correct answer, I embarassed myself in front of everyone.

Imagine, a skinny boney monkey trying to carry a fat buffalo. Har har. I'm serious. I feel so bad now, for him. I kept saying no, no one listen. I pity him. I think he has to go see 'tit da' tomorrow, if not he would have to go to the hospital to mend his bones due to fracture.

Everyone say 'syiok la u, Danny carry u wor'. Seriously no lor, i'm not happy at all lor. Dahlah he so skinny, no muscle at all, he basically can't even carry me lor. Arghhhh! I feel so clumsy. And he had to tahan for 5 minutes. And the stupid spotlight so freaking hot. Sorry ler Danny, sorry sorry sorry! :( Tomorrow buy you Yoko yoko.

Plus, I feel that I don't deserve it.

Oh, we were asked 6 (supposingly 7) questions, for u to know more about Danny. I can't remember all the questions now. Wait till I get them from Itung and Lemon I will post up.

Overall, it's a good experience. 1st time going to 988 (nearly sesat plus fcuking jam), 1st time on air, 1st time dot dot dot... *geli* I'm so not used to being so close with my idol. Sigh. Emo lagi. Gd nite.

~ It looks fun to work in the entertainment line.

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Ping Ping said...

On : Saturday, June 07, 2008
Time : 1 pm - 6 pm
Venue : Piazza, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Among the highlights of the day would be

Our 8 finalists designer on large CANvas
Street Art demonstration live on-the-spot by Orkibal and Shieko
Performance by Meet Uncle Hussain, Joe Flizzow and Danny One
Dine alongside local celebrities with Joe Flizzow and Danny One and Designers for the Limited Edition Cans
Art workshop, games, music and much more