Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doom's Day

I've been wanting to blog about this for so long.

THE WEATHER IS FREAKING HOT THESE DAYS!!! So hot that it worries me. Is doom's day coming? The earth is changing. Icebergs are melting. Disasters are everywhere. Look at sichuan's earthquake? Myanmar's Nargis. Looking at the photos and articles, wait, I don't even want to look at it. It's so depressing. It sours my heart. And please be grateful that we're not in it. But who knows, what if one day (touch wood) Msia will have earthquake? *namo namo namo*

My head feels like a hammer is hitting me every 2 seconds. I am feeling out of breath. I feel like I'm gonna faint anytime. I was so scared I am gonna faint at NZX just now. It's just so hot! Dont know if it's due to lack of sleep? Or is it just the weather? Or is the world really changing?

But from these disasters, even though it's heart breaking, but we also saw hope and love. We saw sacrifices by mothers for their babies/kids. 9 year olds who helped their friends to run for their lives. Kids who sing lullabies to comfort themselves from pain. People from around the world giving aid and praying for them. Victims who survived after being stucked for 100 hours. Miracles do happen. Have you done your part? Have you helped by donating?

Ohh, I know I've said this but I'm gonna say it again. Thank you TENG!!! Look what she did!!! *wub wub wub* It's nice lah!!! You should go into graphic designs! Compared to mine it's like comparing sky and earth. Thanks for doing it even though it's like 3am in the morning and with our eyes in one line (-_-) hehe!




Thanks Teng! Really appreciate it.

Busy week. Good night!

~ Praying upon a miracle star.

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