Thursday, May 15, 2008

[Phood] Random + Durian Puffs + Din Tai Fung

Ok, this post is gonna be damn random. Currently I'm still in dreamland, thanks to someone.

I know it's damn disgusting to post this. It's actually my leg bleeding and I was using a tissue to wipe and look at the shape it turned out to be!!

Annnnnnyway, I wanted to go to The Curve just now but end up waking up erm, quite late thus cancelled my plan. ML was at home and I said I wanted to go Pavilion so she came and pick me up since she was going DBKL to handle some licensing stuff. Then called SL and end up at Gardens for dinner. Now only I know there's this Japanese shop next to Din Tai Fung that sells damn a lot of Japanese snacks and items!! Will get my miso paste there soon mwahaha. I was so tempted to buy all those tit bits there! So cute! So yummy! But so expensive!

First, we stopped by at Lee Lee's Sumptuous Desserts stall to buy ML's fave Durian Puff and Mango Puff. I read Lyrical Lemongrass's review before but never tried it yet. So it's my first time trying. Erm, not bad, very durian-ny, the pancake skin is very very thin, not chewy, just nice, with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. It's not bad, but my mom will definitely say that eating pure durian is whole load better.

Then, after like millions of years, we finally decide on what to eat. And I don't need to be near the restaurant to be attracted to one of the pics pasted on the newspaper clippings board just outside the restaurant. His jacket is ever so striking.

(Why the waitress' face macam kena force to take pic one)

Sweat man, I forgot to take notice of the dish names...

Err, something tofu and egg with meat floss. (There's only two tofu dishes on the menu anyway) Erm, the tofu is cold. I think it's MEANT to be cold. So I didnt really like it. But it's oklar, soft tofu matching with crunchy (i think is) dried shrimps and meat floss with century egg.

The signature dish - Siew Loong Bao. (Erm, tak ada oomph la, Dragon I ones nicer)

Fried String Beans (Now this one is nicer than Dragon I's. Yum!)

Fried Prawns with Salted Yolk (Erm, it's not bad, but not much of salted yolk taste. It's crunchy because they deep fried the prawn first then coat with salted yolk)

Overall, the food is okay la. Perhaps the noodle dishes will be nice. We saw a lot of expatriates dining there. Japanese, Korean, Western (dunno which country mar)... and quite a lot of people even though it's only weekday.

Ok, my 2nd attempt of cupcakes! This time a Nigella recipe. Damn simple and damn fast.

Cuppy cuppy! Good night!

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