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One Week Trip

21 - 25 April 2008 - Singapore

A trip which I walked a lot a lot. Walked from bus station to the house, walked from the house to the MRT, walked around Hall 1 - 7 of Expo, walk around shopping...

3 kopi only left two going to S'pore, me and Ivy took First Coach over. RM115 both ways. Can be taken at Jalan Bangsar (behind 7-11 training center) and also Bdr Utama. They have very new movies and songs for you to listen (can buy the headphone at the office or bring your own) making your bus trip not that boring. (I watched The Longest Yard - very nice, and I Not Stupid - cry like hell).It rained once we enter S'pore :(

The first day just went out for dinner. My friend Fiona who is working over there took us for dinner at her workplace - Marriott Sg. We had buffet - yummy oysters and salmon, live drunken prawns, wide spread of ice creams with whole load of topping choice. Yummy.

Wine 'buffet'!

The next day we went out the whole day. Went to Orchard Road, ate at Lucky Prata, my first time seeing Maggi Prata.
Maggi Prata. Huge!!!

Coin prata!

Live prawns. Cooked in front of you!

We walked almost all the shopping malls there then made our way to Vivo City. Of course I could not miss the chance trying the Kim Gary over there. Same menu but taste varies a bit. Ivy say M'sia one nicer. And CHEAPER. (Currency rate 2.33) Nike is almost everywhere in Sg, hand so itchy but Msia still cheaper. (The mind keep saying 2.33, 2.33 haha!)

Bugis Junction

Then, we departed to Bugis, walked around then had dinner there - steamboat. The whole stretch of shophouses all are steamboat shops. Not cheap but they serve pork beef and lamb slices.

The next day Fiona had to work so left me and Ivy alone. We went to FHA lor. Website says 'BUSINESS ATTIRE' so we wear macam office lady go. Ma der leg pain like hell. Before that had breakfast with uncle and aunt. There's this 'boot zai gou' at uncle's place which was freakingly delicious! Yummy! Reach Expo most ppl wearing t shirt and jeans. Zha dou. Met up with Eric, Anthony, Ying Yee and David there. Walk awhile then left. Leg cannot tahan dy.

At night we went to Suntec, I was so looking forward to see the Fountain of Wealth but blardy hell closed for servicing until May! Argh!!! Wasted. So we walk around and search left and right for Raffles Hotel. It's the home of the Singapore Sling cocktail so went and try. They even sell small bottles for you to bring home as souvenirs. (2.33, 2.33) Walk to Marina Square but 9.30 all the shops already closing. Wahlao, so early.

The next day again we went FHA with CASUAL ATTIRE. Ahhh, much comfortable now. Watched the Dream Team Challenge cuz Taylor's participated. Guess who's the judge for food? Chef In Black - Emmanuel Stroobant! Woah, he's damn yeng weh! Tough comp between Taylor's and Temasek. Don't know who win though. The FHA was too big, you can't possibly walk everything unless you come all four days. So many things to see, and eat. Haha. We also catch the National Barista Competition making coffees. Damn yeng weh all of them. Well, at least now we know how FHA is. Keep for future references :)

Chef In Black. (Sorry, was blocked by a blue window screen)

After that, we were "summoned" by my uncle to have dinner with his family. Haha. We went to Toa Payoh Lor. 8 for this crab noodles at Mellben Seafood Restaurant. It's a milky soupy dish, similar to fish head noodles. Ivy said the soup tasted like the mushroom soup. Haha, it does. And it's nice! :)

Sweet and spicy crabby

That's all for the 4 days. The next day we took the morning bus home. Wasted one day. Sigh.

Reach home only, change then went for Soler's promo. Wahaha, kena marah kau kau.

Then, worse, I went Penang the next day. Haha! Crazy. Up north down south. It was a wonderful trip. Ate a lot a lot. So full! So fat! But so yummy!

26 - 27 April 2008 - Penang

Left at 7.30am then went into Ipoh for my fave kuey teow soup at Nam Heong. Yummy yummy! Then continue journey up north. ML wanted to find the temple where MY FM DJs shoot the CNY music videos. We nearly gave up but we decided to stop and ask and this uncle was nice enough to direct us there. He said:"I bring you all there lah, will you be scared?" Haha! What a way to ask us. The journey wasn't short, and he didn't want to accept our money! There's still nice ppl in this world! Very nice temple!

Yummy Ipoh kuey teow

Dou Mu Gong

Opposite the temple there's this hawker area with a lot of nice and cheap food!!! Pisang goreng, curry mee, wantan mee (RM1.50 only!!), popiah (90 cents!), porridge, laksa etc. Yummy! Go eat there if you guys visit the temple. It's at Butterworth, and the hawker place is called Kompleks Makan Jalan Bunga Raya.

Then we went to the hotel and rest. Left to Autocity at 6pm. Nothing much to talk about the event. But Daniel's performance was good :) But I freaking don't like his hair. So long!! Feel like taking scissors and cut for him :p Ok, I think I'll get bashed. Went over to Pg island for 'dinner'.. Ate too much si ham, went back hotel stomach ache. Straight away sleep like a pig. So tired. It was 3am already that time.

Next day wake up 11am, get ready check out then go Tambun eat seafood. Oh, heavenly delicious. Everything was super fresh, especially love the so-called 'prawns in bamboo' haha! Wanna try cooking it. Similar to Gulai Udang gua. I guess nothing can beat the feeling of meeting good old pals after so long. It was great meeting up with CY, Layleng, Ostro and others!

Then we left for KL lu. Halfway ML say why not go check out the Hot Spring at Sungkai. Woo hoo! It rained so we nearly let go but it stopped so last min we drove in. No regrets. The waters were freako hot! 50 C leh! The boiled eggs, yum yum!!! Don't know is it 'sum lei zok yung', macam extra nice one. Hahaha!

We just stay for awhile then we left. Had dinner at Jalan Ipoh (another yummy meal) and head back home. Thanks ML for the wonderful trip. Thanks aunty, Julie and Miyoko for the sakai trip. Haha. Thanks IH for the meals 'provided'. Thnanks everyone for making this trip so memorable! Mwaks.

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