Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama Day *wub*

This post is specially dedicated to my dear mama.

Dear Mummy,

In the past 21++ years of life, you have been more than an angel to me ( = devil).

You were there when I needed someone.

You were also there when I DON'T need someone. (KNS!)

You fed me with loud words of "WISDOM" and sugar CANE (rotan) when I was young.

Now that I've grown up, you taught me the pure meaning of debate, contradiction and fickle mind.

You told me to take my time to do whatever I want to do. But, you care for me way too much. Until every alternate day you pass me recruitment ads.

You gave me freedom to order the dishes I like. "You order lah what you want to eat?" "Spaghetti." "Nolah, eat pizza better." (Dot dot dot...)

All in all, I know you lub me. I also lub you behli mush. Happy mothers day!

Also Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies reading my blog ;) Mama rocks!!!

~ Ken LeeEeeEeee, alibu libu dou choo...


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