Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emo Strikes Goal

I guess the phrase 'if you look at what you do not have in life, you don't have anything' is very the true. I told someone before, 'when you're sad, no matter how happy a memory is, u won't think that it's happy anymore.' I just don't know why, emo strikes today. How long will I live in this world? I sometimes feel that, I don't even belong in this world. And I wonder will there be big earthquakes in Malaysia in the future. God knows. Heaven knows. Hell knows.

Insomnia strikes again. No matter how sleepy I am, i end up wide awake when I lie down. Sigh. I didn't sleep last night. My parents go tidur and wake up also I can hear them. I hear the birds chirping in the morning. I saw the sky turn bright. Then I fell asleep hahaha. Aiyo, I need back my normal routine.

Went to Ikea just now. Shopped alone, eat alone, starbucked alone. Actually it feels good! I somehow enjoy shopping alone than with friends actually. Walked from Curve to Ikea back to Curve then Cineleisure then Ikano then the Curve. Salah betul. Oh, Ikea was playing Daniel's album over and over again. Which... is good but weird! :) I am not a coffee drinker actually, but somehow was craving for coffee today. And drank two cups. Urgh, now I feel like throwing up. I guess I cannot drink coffee/tea anymore. Sigh.

At least there's still people and things that cheer me up. Such as the salah gang - Teng & CY for chatting with me. But end up I cheer them more than they cheer me. And then I saw something!

LOOK!!!!!!! GOT HIS FACE!!!!!!! GOT DANNY's FACE ON THE CAN!!!!! Woo hoo!! It will be launched next month, and it's limited edition, so everyone AT LEAST go grab one can ok? But a bit the SALAH lor the pic. Wahahahahah! Oops, sorry. Sarsi is my faveeee soft drink (besides Coke Light, Pepsi Twist, Kickapoo and Ice Cream Soda) seriously! Nyahaha, ask my parents to buy, and make my brother drink and I keep the can! Perfect! Mwahaha! Healthy and smart.

And no, i'm still very emo now. Bye. Emo for nothing. Emo for everything.

~ Eve Fu Lynn must stop saying SALAH from now on! SALAHSI, SALAHSA, SALAHSU!

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