Sunday, May 04, 2008

wo hen HAU, wo bu oKAY

What a disappointing day. A day that a lot of us 'eat gingko' (sik bak guo).

Went for PSS grand final just now. Guang Liang, John, Des, Henley and Orange were the guest artistes. Gosh, John lost so much weight. The duet between John and Des was darn good!

Yeah, yeah Hau lost. Why??? HAU can that happen??? Finally, after two years of guy champion, this year finally a girl champion. PSS1 I like Des but John won. PSS2 I like Orange but Henley won. This year I like Hau but Kay won. Sweat sweat sweat! I guess, it's not talent that counts, but popularity. I have expected Kay to won, because she's better at pulling crowds, but I thought miracle will happen. After all Hau was leading in sms votes in the first half of the show. I'm not saying that Kay is not good, it's just that I really love Hau's voice. Really can make you cry listening to him sing. Kay did very well in the duet with Guang Liang and also her self-picked song 'Que Yang'. oKAY lor. Fine lor. Think positive, maybe it's a good sign. Who knows, EMI will sign both of them. Or perhaps other recording labels will promote Hau. Better still!

Besides that, HAU come Teng they all get to see Pei Jie and I didn't. They also saw ****** but I didn't. oKAY lor, I admit, no fate.

On the other day, Danny didn't won AIM Best Chinese Album. *cries* Ok fine, I expected Daniel or Karen Kong actually. Danny was involved in Daniel's and Kwok Fai's album too, so if any of the 3 get also good enough. But, Andrew won instead!! It's just so out of my expectation!!! And Suki won best newcomer! Wahlao, very big 'da gik' for me. HAU come??? HAU can??? (Sorry, currently too obsessed with Hau ;) Hau, even though you didn't win, but you'll always be our superstar! We really love your voice!!!

~Why are all the good looking guys gay?


chunyiun said...

I was so sad...i was so disappointed..i was so frus...when the results was announced!!!...actually, i still am...sad, disappointed and frus..I wanted hau to win so much..i even sent in like so many sms-ed for him..i dun like kay..i dun like ahhh!!!...Life is just so unfair rt? Im still very frus lor...frus frus frus!!...Hau.........:(

On the other hand, i also think dat its not fair dat Andrew won the best chinese album..u see la..the world realli not fair one la..his album is not err...pardon me...NICE at all...>.<"..why Andrew?? Karen, Danny, Daniel or my husband win also i am happy lor...

Yes..a very disappointing day...sighhh

Eve Lynn said...

CY: That's why i say 'sik bak guo' lor.. Kay got the popularity lor. 3 quarter of the stadium wanted her to win. And some blardy stupid idiotic bunch of girls with fcuking high pitch irritating voice was screaming like gila babi CB for her, apple, eddie, will. so blardy annoying. I was THISSSS close to shout Shut up to them.

ML say they say Andrew's album was 'well recorded'. that's why he won. Heaven knows.

layleng said...

Same view here. Every season I so wish to win but the results came out inversely :( Why always like that one...The 1st time i like Guy Superstar only wo.. How come end up Kay win pula!

Andrew's album was well recorded? Ermm.. But why i listen to few of his songs only "so so" only. Composer judges have different opinion than us ordinary people?

Yerrr..hate those results!

Shin Sar said...

Haha.. everyone Hau-ing here and they. Everyone not oKAY now. I guess we all sama sama tak habis habis mau Hau to win la. Voted like no body's business. But we gonna make sure HAU will do better than no-KAY!!!