Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cooky Weekend

I had a blast last week. Ester, Fiona, CS and SS came over to my house and we made lunch! CS and SS wanted to learn how to make carbonara that's why they asked me to teach them. Went to Central to get the stuff with ET and SS. By the time we got home already 12pm so faster faster prepare. Was quite slow in preparing (sorry lah girls, getting rusty already). End up eating around 2 something or 3.

Carbonara (I think I did pretty well in this :D)

Wild Mushroom Soup (but i failed in this)

Cottage Pie with loads of mash potato and cheese

We wanted to make brownies but all were too full to eat anymore dessert. :(

On Sunday, mum keep pestering me to make cupcakes for the family dinner at night. Since we were worried that no one will buy a cake, so we decided to make some for the night. The recipe was from a blogger, a lot of eggs used, so I was quite worried it will be typo error and won't turn out right as the batter was quite watery.

But it turned out pretty ok! Just a lil too sweet :p (And that is I've already reduce the amount of sugar compared to the recipe!) Did some orange icing on top. Wah laa~

It was a 3-in-1 celebration as my grandparents' birthdays were almost the same time.

Of course, how can I not take advantage of the alphabets to make out words? :) :) :) *wub wub* (Luckily my mom didn't see me snapping it)

We had dinner at Puchong's Chung Wah Lau (just behind SP Setia building). Totally packed from up to down, left to right! Thank god we reserved a table. And even with reservation we had to wait. Wait for the previous table to finish. And there were like 50 walk-in guests waiting for tables. Food was okay. I liked the steamed fish and my fave is always the lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice. Yummy! (Sorry I didn't snap any photos) My baby was sick, coughing the whole night. Luckily she still put on a smiling face the whole night :)

After dinner on the way back, my grandpa smiled and said in the car, "Today my eldest grandchildren is here, my youngest grandchildren is also here." Gosh, I somehow just felt like crying upon hearing that. I don't know what he means by that, but I really hope it has a positive meaning :S

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Shin Sar said...

Wei, I am also coughing la. I also can put a smile the whole day.

Wakakakaka.. :P