Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thank You

It's been almost 3 years since I started blogging.
Just checked my profile, June 2005, time really flies.
3 years... most of my diaries, personal feelings, laughter anger sadness and tears all in this posts.
This is my 369th post. Haha, nice number, 369.
Equivalent to a year. A year worth of posts. A year worth of mixed feelings.

15682 visitors in 1 year. More than 50 people visit my blog everyday. Well, even though I don't get thousands a day like those famous bloggers, but more than 50 is already unexpected enough. Thank you all so much for stepping in here so often. I will try to bring more interesting things for you all to read. But I can't guarantee I'll post less of Danny's stuff. Hahahaha!

Thank you all. Thank you thank you all so so much. :) Perhaps you all can pen down for me, who you guys are and I'll thank you personally ;)


hoeyin said...

ya ya ya... I am one of the frequent visitor

Anonymous said...

Hello Sakai,

My name is Hutan. I live in the bandar :D

And I know someone named Pokok, who lives in the Pulau. Pokok is also a frequent visitor of your blog ;)

Nice to meet you.


Eve Lynn said...

What a SWEAT way to leave a note...

sunset2712 said...

juz dropped by... interesting blog u hv here!!