Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am back! Anyone missed me? Haha.

Singapore was good. Went to a lot of places. It's been more than 10 years I never go to Singapore already so everything seems so new to me. Fiona and my uncle were very nice to us, bringing us everywhere. Thanks Fi :) This trip I ate a lot, now my stomach is so bloated it feels like 5 months pregnant. However things are not cheap there. The currency times 2.33 was always on my head when I buy things. Will post up pics of the trip soon.

After I came back from Spore I went Penang the next day. Wah, down south up north in a week hehe! Yeah went to see Daniel at the Penang Shanghai World Star Quest but honestly my MAIN POINT of going is not for Daniel. I went to meet up with CY, Ostro, Layleng they all. Because it's been ages since I met them. Even though it was a tough decision to make cuz Danny has a very meaningful event in KL, but I guess to meet up with old pals is more important. Plus I felt like going travelling. I did sort of regret that night after knowing what happened at the event, but I enjoyed the Penang trip a lot. We went Butterworth, see beautiful temple and ate cheap and yummy food, went Tambun for super fresh seafood, and went Sg Klah Hot Spring! Memorable :) I'm determined to plan a trip around the whole of Malaysia :)

*wub*wub* The best person I ever know *wub*wub*

Nice shirt Danny! Mwahaha! Sigh, he's getting thinner and thinner. Kesian. Very busy with his album and projects. Have you guys heard his new song? If not, you can hear HALF of it here :)

Well, I haven't actually heard it yet. Sad case huh? But just now was listening to the ivote music chart show hosted by Pei Jie on wanita.net (use IE to log into wanita.net and the player will automatically play it). At the end of the chart he played the song, so basically I've heard it. But not on radio. My comment after the 1st time hearing it? Erm, I didn't really like the verses, I can't hear what he's rapping and I feel that the sentences are too over-emphasize. Sounds too angry. I know it's supposed to be angry. Because it's talking about people not caring about the earth and stuff. But I really liked the chorus :) People can sing along to it. The tune easily stuck in your head. And the ending :) Very nice.

Will blog about my trips tomorrow. Haven't upload the photos yet.

~ To give and take is a tough thing to do.
~ Eve hopes to get a PSP, N81/N82 and a DSLR :(


soohui said...

aahhhh....how sweet..kan??
the best person I ever know...wakakakaka.....manisnyeee...
today only i heard the song on radio...banyak susah lor...just to wait for it to come out..
need some fate n good n ngam timing..
ter-laugh in the car alone...like siao lang...hahahahaha..

Eve Lynn said...

La la la... he is :)
Aiyo until now also haven't hear it laaa... 988 aifm also dun have... shitty... no fate...