Friday, September 28, 2007

A Note Of Love

Today didn't have class but had to go Bakerzin Bangsar for some training. Then at night I went to Midvalley to watch "A Note Of Love" with Shin Sar, Fanny and Yeerei.

"A Note Of Love" was something that kept surprised from all Daniel fans since last year. Haha. Never would we expected Daniel to be starred in a movie. Yes, Daniel is in this movie. Special appearance with Sharifah Amani.

(From The Star) A Note of Love is self-financed, made from savings collected by "working hard while living cheap". It is a film with two stories - that of a 60-year-old man who rediscovers his love for his wife after finding his son's love letter, and that of a little boy who has "that funny feeling" for the first time and struggles to understand it. Shot partly in Penang and partly in Petaling Jaya's old town in Selangor, the film is Chung's digital feature debut, so he is very enthusiastic about it.

This movie expresses what ordinary people do in their ordinary life. It emphasize on the things and feelings that we usually don't take notice of in our normal daily lives. "What is love?" was often asked in the movie. Writing love letter, daydreaming about the girl you like, gossiping on the street, old couple in the cinema etc.

Linus Chung is the director of the film. If none of you recall who is Linus, he acted in the movie "Sepet" as Ah Loong's (Ng Choo Seong) best friend, Keong. In A Note Of Love, Linus' name is also Keong :)

I've heard the others saying this movie is really boring and not nice. But throughout the 1 hour and 20 minutes, I don't know about my other three friends, but I trully enjoyed every single bit of the movie. Because it really express what ordinary people are going through, and what ordinary life, ordinary pleasures are. After watching the making of this film, I respect Linus even more :) He put in a lot of effort for this film.

The making of A Note Of Love - Part 1

The making of A Note Of Love - Part 2

Although Daniel didn't really appear in many scenes and spoke less than 10 sentences altogether, but, somehow I feel that, the way he act is how he is behaving in his life. Haha, a very cute Daniel. And, I like a couple of casts in this film - Alice Tan (Celine in this film, Keong's gf) and Eugene Neo (the 5 year old small boy) He's just so so so cute! Sharimah plays the role similar to Orked in Sepet, and Linus is funny. Haha!

Hope you guys will go and watch this movie. By the way, the movie is mostly in Hokkien. Partly English and Malay. Support local movies! :)

Linus Chung's A Note Of Love blog -

Post-movie thoughts:
After watching this film, I realize that we should never jump into conclusion before understanding the whole situation. Sometimes, things might take up to one, two or even ten years to be understood clearly. And for every thing that happened, clearly there's a reason behind it.

And, cherish every moment you have in life. It might be ordinary to others, but it's extraordinary to you yourself :)

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