Friday, September 07, 2007

070907 Not A Good Day

Firstly, I was suppose to go college to see Ms Karen for my dissertation. Stomach wasn't feeling well, so end up didn't go. Slept until 2pm. Oops. Well, I slept for so long on purpose. I actually woke up a few times already, but make myself sleep more. Just don't feel like waking up. Well, that's the benefit of being a student, being able to sleep for god-knows-as-much-as-you-want during days you don't have classes.

Now I know that, even sleeping can be a tiring thing. Huh? Like how? I mean, people working, studying, are all dying to go to sleep, to get enough sleep to be not tired. But when you get various dreams when you sleep, it's a tiring thing. I think I dreamt of 4 or 5 different dreams yesterday night. All different scenarios, different people, different stories. Some even made me cry in my sleep and woke up feeling my pillow is wet (no it's not saliva!)

4th Sept was Terence's birthday. Our whole class berpakat-ed to act as if we forgotten his birthday and surprised him with a cake at the end of the day. We made him walk into the class (we combine class with another group) holding his birthday cake where the lecturer is inside. Haha. He was so malu he hide the cake behind his back. Kekeke! Anyway, happy birthday again boy! We shared and bought him a very special present and gave it to him yesterday in class. A baby rabbit! Only one month old. So cute and adorable.

Everyone is so in love with it. And guess what it's named? Lut lut! Haha, why such a sakai name? Because it's named after its father. We call Terence Ah Lut one. Hehe.

Just when we're all happy for Terence having a new cute pet. Terence msged me on msn this afternoon saying Lut Lut died. *sobz* Don't know what's the reason. Yesterday night it was still ok. When Terence woke up today it was lifeless already. Sobz sobz! R.I.P. lut lut. We'll all miss you dearly. I even thought of getting one myself. But, with this tragedy, I don't think I want one anymore. I'm scared the same will happen to me.

Called Bakerzin today. The person ask us to find him on Monday to discuss about the training. Namo namo namo. Hopefully we will get it. I'm already desperate enough to train anywhere, provided it's 'management' training. I just don't want operations.

Thirdly, dad came back today, and I noticed the front right side of his car bumper dented, the glass smashed, he banged into his colleague's Volvo which suddenly emergency braked.

See... bad things come in threes. Sigh. Not a good day.

No, wait, there's another thing. Went out for dinner just now, bringing my mp3 happily wanted to record Evan & Daniel's drama at 10pm just now. When the drama started, f***, no battery! Damn! And it was the final episode. Double damn. Pffffft!

Oh, at the restaurant, I saw this ad:

Haha. I actually saw it long time ago. Didn't have a camera to take it down. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this ad. He looks so... cute in it.

Sometimes, somethings are better left unknown. The truth hurts. I somehow trust my instinct this time though. I think she's got someone already. And I think I know who's that someone. Well, I'm happy for her. Hopefully this relationship is a permanent one for her :)

Yippee! 39 more hours till I see Danny again :) Counting down.

Wan Tan Mee. XD

Ho ho ho. I'm fasting from now onwards till 7pm later. Nicholle, be prepared. We'll sapu all your food. Wakakakak!


chunyiun said...

Yo yo yo!!...Eh, dat poster so cute neh...greenlove got new mineral water bottle or something ah?

I miss Ericcccccccccc!!

megdalyn said...

yeah lor.. not gud day la!..
i knocked ppl's car for the first time.. haizzz....

Eve Lynn said...

CY: The latest one is without Aric one lor... Got phoebe, danny and eric... hehe.

Meg: Har? Are u ok? Wow, seems like a really bad day.

megdalyn said...

yeap.. m okkk.. hehehe.. can stil online.. hahaha...

really bad day la.. haizz..