Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Teng sent me a video clip to watch. Regarding some UPM students fighting for their rights.

Watch it.

I'm seriously speechless after watching it. What do you think?

However, sometimes I wonder the accuracy when you hear something from one side of the party only. Sometimes, you will never know the real story if you only hear it from one side. In order to judge, you have to hear BOTH sides, or three, four, five, six sides... Never judge a book by its cover. A mango might look succulent, bright yellow on the outside, but inside it's all filled with worms.

Far distance relationship always seems to cause troubles for any couple. It definitely was a tough decision. Sigh. Stay strong my friend. You know who you are. (I'm not talking about myself ark!)

Anyway, made a simple forum for Danny. Erm, partly because AA has been making noise sayinig no place to share his pics. Plus since I can't do anything in danny2u forum, so I open up one myself :) Just a simple one. Just to share all I know about Danny. Hope all my readers here will support. It's in english and mandarin. It's still very empty now because I just opened it, plus I'm still new in all these IT stuff. Any feedbacks are welcomed :)

PS: I think this link will lead you to the portal page. The register link is on your right column, and if you want to go into the forum page, click on the 'forum' word on the left column. Thanks *lub*

Of course I wouldn't force you to join lah. :) I just created it out of my own interest. Perhaps one day Danny himself will find out about this forum leh... Kekeke. Heaven knows.

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