Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Have you ever felt so frustrated you feel like tearing your head apart, dropping on the floor and cry and even commit suicide?

Sigh, assignments are pilling up, deadlines are near, and I'm not even doing a single thing. Yes, one thing I'm lazy, another is I am just SO NOT INTERESTED to do. Everyday I'm giving excuses to myself not to do it. I just want to get away from the reality.

So, went for the interview on Monday. We were suppose to see this guy name Mr. Terence. On the way there, Ivy and KY asked me is it a Chinese? I said he didn't sound like Chinese and sounded like our ex-lecturer Mr. Terence Dass. And Ivy said jokingly, what if really is him? Same name samore. Haha. Impossible. And end up, it was really him!!! *pengsan* We were sitting at the outlet waiting when Ivy saw him walking in. She was like 'Eh!! Really is Mr. Terence leh!' We were like holy shit! Heart beat doubled the speed. Bumped into Natassya there. And Joshua.

Wokay, Mr Terence is willing to accept us, BUT, in operations. And I think he wants to split us up. Sigh! How? *dilemma*

Air Asia is having promotions now. RM0.88 to Langkawi, RM48 to Macau etc. Flying period is Jan - June 08. For bookings log in to Air Asia. Booking period is until 16 Sept only! Hurry! Wanted to book Macau and Langkawi for me, CY and SS but all our timing aren't right. Sigh. Disappointed.

Time flies. In 5 months time I'm graduating. Yes, a graduate. Wait, I might not. Who knows? I might have to repeat my term. Sigh. Depression is filling within me. Help.

Expect The Unexpected.

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