Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Recent Updates...

Gosh, I totally neglected my bloggie for so long... Now I've got tonnes to update you guys on. Wahaha...

170907 - I had a very memorable birthday this year. Thanks to all who wished me, celebrated with me, and gave me all the wonderful surprises. Not to SS or be action, but just to share my birthday this year with you guys. 140907, went out for dinner with Sarahg, Sar, Szen, SA, Fanny, Yeerei and LW @ Kura, One World Hotel. It's under Super Dining, so basically it's Zen and Rakuzen's sister restaurant which serves very similar food at a more expensive price. Haha. Environment is superb, the deco all were pretty pretty, very autumn-ish style. Food wise, like I said, similar to Zen, and I still prefer Zen. Maybe because of the price la. 150907 went for SQ's farewell and bday party at his house, the TD gang surprised me with a small oreo and cheese cake at the end of the party. Thanks all. Really happy to see you all after so long.

170907 Edmund called me in the morning asking me where I am, saying he's coming over to drop me something. Ed, you think I stupid one meh? Can guess one ler. Kekeke. But didn't expect Ker Ying, Terence and Shiao Teng though. Ying Ker, say still in Genting samore. Thanks for the greentea cake :) You guys remembered. Then we went for lunch at Finnegan's in MV. They have set lunches at RM13 nett with 6 choices but left 3 choices only. (And the food sucks, service sucks :p) It's ok, everything's worth a try. At night, went Tai Thong for dinner with whole family. Wah, everybody came wor. Usually is either one not there or more than that due to studies or work, but that day everyone came. Even my cousin who finish class at 8pm also rush there. Aww... (hmm, maybe for the food only la). But it was a nice dinner. Managed to take photos with each family. It doesn't happen in our tradition one ok. I mean, seldom.

Last week was busy, busy, busy. When I'm free, suddenly will have things to do one. Ish ish ish. But hor, when there's so many things to do, I don't know which one to do first and end up not doing anything. Swt.

Suddenly getting desperate for a change. Now I feel like cutting my hair short, but due to the texture of my hair, I scared I'll end up to be 'lion king' instead :S

Finally finished Miss Karen's project and presentation. What a relief! Nothing to worry about anymore besides Sem 2 Exam and Dissertation.

Just came back from the Isetan The Gardens (in MV, opposite Kim Gary that building) part time work. Isetan opening, so Bakerzin which is situated inside Isetan cater the food and drinks that night. Stood like some bongong fella holding 6 glasses full of drinks on a tray on one hand for 1 hour straight. Hand also shivering like hell. Saw quite some famous people though. Winnie Loo (A Cut Above owner), Serena C (, William Quah (TV host/actor/news presenter), chunted chicks and super good looking guys. A lot of not-so-straight ones too. And some unfashionable people who thinks they're fashionable. And... and... nevermind. I even met Isa, Ching, Marianne and Anju there :) But unfortunately no time to talk to them. There were so many VVIPs. I'm sure at certain point I was serving perhaps the richest man in Malaysia, or Isetan's boss, or the owner of Metrojaya or something :S Too bad I don't know who are they.

Randoms #16
It's funny how everybody's behavior are so different from each other. Some so demanding, some so selfish, some so friendly, some so desperate, some so annoying, some so nice, some has two 'faces', some couldn't care less, some so smart, some so stupid. Some people like Miss Karen who remembers everything and anything, some people like my dad who is observant and patient, some people like.. like.. all the people I know.

Randoms #17
Sacrifices... Everyone makes sacrifices in life. Some sacrifice for their family, some sacrifice for themselves, some sacrifice for friendship, some for love, some for work, some for their children, some for other people's benefits. Have you ever sacrificed for anything before? Saiu San asked me "If Ker Ying was kidnapped by someone, and only you can save her, but the kidnapper wants you to eat a pile of shit in order to save her, will you?" Haha. That's a good one.

Ok, I know this posting is very confusing. Pfft. Nite nite.

- Hopefully 'hao peng you' will remain forever :) -


Shin Sar said...

I saw Isetan The Garden! I like the building! The building, the front there, got pieces of the brown brown thing one right. From far, it looks like wafer. Very nice!!

The place is gonna be super jam when it opens. Sudah la that place very jam, now lagi....!!

Eve Lynn said...

Haha. I didn't even see how it looks like... Went there just now, quite cool concept... macam hotel. And all the expensive brands shops in there. Sure jam one lah. KL mana ada place not jam one?