Friday, September 28, 2007

[Phood] Shihlin Taiwan, 1 Utama

Last Saturday went to 1U for some briefing at Bakerzin. Woke up early in the morning just for a half an hour briefing, boh gam wan, must eat before I leave. Louis suggested Taiwanese snacks so we made a stop at Shihlin Taiwan at the 2nd floor, Courtyard Zone. I'm sure many of you will know this place. It's near Tower's Records, opposite Oldtown Kopitiam. I've seen many people eating at this small shoplot but this is my first time trying. Limited choices they have - Only the Oyster Mee Suah (RM5.50), Seafood Tempura (RM5.50), Chicken Floss Crepe Pancake (RM5.50), Giant Deep Fried Boneless Chicken (RM5.50, similar to Uncle Bob) and drinks like mineral water (RM2) and soya bean only.

All 4 of us ordered the mee sua (seems to be the dish everyone orders). Being a person who likes to taste different things, I was very tempted to try the crepe and the tempura. And when KY suggested to order some, I instantly said yes.

If you're tired of shopping and just want to snack on something, this is a very nice place to be. The mee suah looks small but it's really filling. And the chili is real spicy. There are oysters, chicken breast meat, coriander, chili, mee suah...

I personally didn't really like the seafood tempura or whatsoever it is called. It tasted like normal fried fish paste to me. Nothing special :p

I kinda like this chicken floss crepe. It's chicken floss + egg wrapped in pancake and served with some sweet sauce :)

Worth a try :) Yummy.


chunyiun said...

I know why u like the Wan Tan Mee so much lor ok? i know!!

Eve Lynn said...

Idiot. I thought u will comment ask me bring u go makan or something. Please lor! I memang like to eat wan tan mee since standard 1 ok. No kaitan with whatever Wan Tan Mee u're thinking.