Monday, September 17, 2007

U.Z.A. Operating System Virus

The other day in college I tried double clicking on my pen drive folder but failed. Thinking "Damn! Kena virus." Then I right clicked on it and the first option was "My Personal Data", I was like, I never seen this before.

Two days later I tried opening my pen drive on my laptop at home and suddenly a small rectangular news ticker appeared saying "Welcome to U.Z.A. Operating System" and my whole wallpaper changed into the UZA wallpaper. So I googled and found out it's a virus that transmit through pen drives. If you see a folder in your pen drive stating 'My_Personal_Data' means your pen drive has the UZA virus on it.

One day later I realized a few of my friends also kena the UZA virus. Edmund more geng, send the comp to reformat.

I thought I have to reformat my comp too but luckily I found this website which has a UZA Eliminator to disinfect the virus.

Click Here -

Click on the 'get the utility from here' link and download the eliminator software which was designed by the blog owner himself. Open the program, a small window will come out with buttons like 'scan', 'disinfect', 'reboot' etc. Pluck in your pen drive. I don't know which is the button that cures it but I clicked on scan and disinfect and the problem was solved. The black wallpaper has disappeared and I re-pluck in my pen drive again and everything was back to normal. Well, I don't know if disinfecting will delete the folder because I deleted it before I disinfect.

I don't know if there will be any side effects after this because there's no guarantee. Also say is virus ler... When human get flu, doesn't mean u eat antibody means will cure one mah right?

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