Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dieting Desperado

This morning so guai, slept at 4am, cuz chat with CY. Thanks gal, it's been so long since we last chatted this way. Kakakaka! Woke up at 8.30am and teman family go for the weekly yum cha breakfast session at OUG.
Bought 3 working shirts at the pasar pagi there :)
In the afternoon, went for the SPCA NuYou Men We Love thingy at Sungai Wang.
It's a charity for SPCA. They were selling roses, balloons, and even photoshoot with celebs.

The "Celebs We Love" were Danny, Daniel, John, SK, Jentzen, 988 DJ Jeff, Aric. Of course they're not the contestants of "Men We Love". There's 20 contestants which only 8 of them came for this thing today. Will get to know more through next month's Nuyou mag. Saw Shen Quang there. He came and find me. I was shocked to see him. It was his dad's event. Haha. I didn't know NuYou is under his dad's company. Mr Loo is the GM for the mag company. Gao siao ah!

Only Aric and Danny sang. 2 songs each. Others make balloon toys, play 'guess the action' with fans. When Danny is singing, the others came down to sell roses and balloons to the crowd. Havoc man.

Then, went up to take personal pics with Danny, Daniel and John. :) Such a precious opportunity. But the so called photographer ruined it! My photos all turned out one I look so fat, one was too near, one with half of my left hand missing =_=" Fine, forgive and forget, get to take, good enough. Grr.. and no, i'm not gonna share the pics up here. :)

After that went back straight away cuz ML need to rush home. Yesterday at KY's house eat BBQ until wanna vomit, just now dinner also went to Halia restaurant in Sime Darby Convention Center for their Churrasco BBQ Buffet Dinner. RM30++ only! Another BBQ. Eat until so full I wanna vomit. Now, desperate to diet. I HAVE to start the 3-days diet thingy that Joey is eating every week already. I HAVE to, i WANT to. I MUST, I NEED. Grr, I thought I said this quite few months ago. It never happened eh? =_=" Kau meang ah!!

~If only I have the courage to talk~

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