Monday, October 01, 2007

The Gardens + Pavilion

The Gardens at Midvalley is now officially open. Went there to look see look see on Wednesday night. Gosh, it feels like I'm in a hotel rather than a shopping mall. And the shop names, I've never heard of them :p All TOO PREMIUM BRANDED to be named.

I've had 4 rounds of Kim Gary this week. Kekeke. I seriously don't know why I won't be bored of KG anyhow. Hmmrm...

Yesterday went for Pei Jie's promo at Sg Wang. I bought his singles but I haven't listen to it yet :p and I forgot to bring to let him sign :( First time seeing him in real life and hearing him sing. Gosh, his voice is fantastic for a 19 year old. He was the 2nd runner up for the Digi Celebriteen 2006. His guitar skills are good, and his interaction with the crowd, talking and hosting, excellent! And his smile, wah, can sot sei yan one. Very similar to Zhang Dung Liang. Seriously! But 19 year old only la. Small boy. Haha! He needs to sell 5000 copies of this single before he can come out with an EP. Now he has reached 1000 copies. 4000 more to go! Jia you loh!

Surprise of the day was, Eric Linkin5 and Vick Teo came to support him! Eric flew back all the way from Beijing and attended this promo! Very nice of them.
Gosh! He's so thin already! Kesian.

The queue for autograph was long. A good sign :) There were a bunch of people who hired 2 buses and came all the way from Seremban to support him.

After the thing, me and Kei went KG for 'lunch' and then went to find the others. But they've already finished redeeming the tickets for JJ's showcase. So since I have to leave early so they went and makan, but I didn't have to leave THAT early so Kei suggested to walk to Pavilion. Since I've never been there before so why not.

Gosh, another TOO PREMIUM BRANDED to be named. Even the supermarket I've never heard before - Mercato. =_=" Carat Club lah, Ferragamo, DKNY, Guess, they even have a Quiksilver outlet for KIDS only, and there's 3 floors of Esprit! And even escalators IN the Esprit! *pengsan* I seriously wonder how much are the rentals. But argh!! I spotted a few nice stuff there! But expensive!

Hooded 3 quarters jacket from Esprit - RM209.90
A black and white tee with ribbon and vest printing from MNG - RM79
Hooded jumper from Topshop - RM99
A black 3 quarter coat on display from one of the shops, can't remember where.

Very nice concourse they have. Big and spacious. I was telling Kei that it's very suitable for promos and concerts... Hehe! People can sit down and watch. But the rental erm... have to think twice.

You can see the view of the whole Bukit Bintang street.

Sigh. If only I have the money.


Shin Sar said...

Yes, he's cute, young, talented, interactive, and has a nice voice. AND obviously he looked like Nic Teo but I hope his 'tai du' won't be like him :P

Actually, he sounded a bit like him, too!!!

I have a feeling he'll make it BIG!!!
I wanna get his EP!!! :p

hyin said...

you sound like very intimidated by Pavilion. I think got cheap stuff also la. Or just go jalan-jalan la And the toilets are free and smell new kakaka.... use it kow-kow....

yumi.pwincess said...

pavilion not bad la. at least stil got stuff like topshop. not that super high class la. kakakaka.
havent been to the gardens tho. would love to soon. hehe =)