Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sudden Thoughts & Feelings

Quoted title from LCY. Tee hee. Sorry ya Miss Lim.

Just came back from Shen Quang's birthday cum farewell party at his place. He's flying off to UK for a year. Finally, able to meet up with many of my secondary school mates after like so long. The last time was in June, during Kathulini's birthday. It feels so good to be able to gather with them and chat and joke around and take stupid photos together. Thanks everyone :) It was a touching moment during cake cutting when SQ's dad gave a speech. Gosh, I nearly cried. Everyone was basically scolding me for 'disappearing' for so long. Sorry lah, timing tak chun. Plus I was busy with assignments and settling the internship stuff. Will write more about this next week due to some reasons :) Anyway, SQ's flying off on Monday, here I shall wish Shen Quang all the best, may you enjoy yourself during your 1 year in UK, have fun and good luck :) We will miss you very much when you're away. :) But time flies, so in a blink of an eye, you'll be back again (unless you choose to stay there forever and leave us here *sobz*)

What a relief! Finally finished the project that dreaded me the most. A subject which I lack interest in - tourism economics, and vomiting white bubbles just to finish up this ASSignment due to many, many reasons. Although we've got loads of assignments similar before, but, when we were done with this, I really can feel a stone vanished from my heart. Tenggelam into the ground already. Phew! I didn't expect much marks from it, again due to many reasons, of course the marks weren't high, but all I can say is 'what a relief!'.

It starts with a smile. (Quoting from Ah Sar) Seriously, I just feel that, it really feels good when you and your friends all have happy faces. It feels even better when your friends are smiling because of you. It feels good when you're able to help someone and that someone appreciates the things you do and respect you for who you are. Help as long as you're able to. Because you'll feel happier when you are able to make someone happy :) To the world you might just be somebody, but to somebody you might be the world :)

Just after I confirmed with SQ I was going to his party, the next day I was informed that there's a concert that involves the 2D at Dataran Merdeka on the same day. Sigh, had a huge dilemma at that time but of course I already promised SQ. Perhaps it was fated for me not to go. The concert started freaking late (10pm ok!), and due to mismanagement, Danny who was supposed to sing TWO songs only sang ONE! And perhaps it was also fated for me not to go, because someone said something really RIDICULOUS to me. Hearing it 2 years ago was still okay, but hearing it NOW, I really feel like kicking that person to Africa and never ever letting that someone to come back. To me, it was just unforgivable. Totally rubbish. The effect of the PINK word. Hah! Bullshit. All craps. Trust me, I'll never let you touch his boards again. It was an insult to me. (Why am I hating so many people nowadays? Hermmm...) Suddenly just feel very sad out of the sudden. One is because of this... How can you simply cut off 1 song. Idiot. And, LCY sent me Jason Chan Pak Yu's blog to me and one of the posting was about the crossover between Jason and Danny. I heard the ending of it the other day, only able to catch Ah Nic saying 'Thank you Danny' not knowing that Danny is this Danny. Sigh. Missed an important program. But, anyway, it's good that Jason praises Danny :)

I admit, I'm a super traditional person. I have negative opinions towards smoking, drinking, clubbing, sex, homosexuals, dirty talks, porns, gangsters etc... Call me kolot or whatever. I'm a typical Chinese girl. I will only like Chinese guys. I enjoy family reunion dinners, festive seasons. I will only open my birthday presents on & after my birthday even if I received it few months in advanced. My principles are fixed. Those are who I am. You can't change it :)

Now only I know Adobe Photoshop is so so so useful and so so so chun-ted! So many features! It's gonna be my new hobby. Learned a lot these few days. Thanks Teng! :)

Gtg sleep liao. Good night.

~Keep expecting the unexpected~
~When do dreams come true?~


megdalyn said...

they really cut danny's part? argh!! Quincy sang 3 songs.. n danny only sang one.. so unfair ehhhhhh...

Shin Sar said...

Yo hu!!! I saw my name here!! Wahaha..

There will be more and more bullshit things coming to your life from now onwards. Don't be surprise. Just ignore. *Hear no evil, see no evil, speak all the evil!*


Eve Lynn said...

Meg: I don't know if they cut or not lah but he WAS SUPPOSED to sing TWO songs as stated in newspaper interviews. Stupid management.

SS: Yoohoo! Haha. I know. That's why I'm maintaining 'sometimes it's better not to know anything' :D

megdalyn said...

cacat la.. supposed to start at 8.. ended up start at 9sumthing.. sumur got speeches.. sum pl so tak sabar.. dat dey boo-ed when they say b4 we start the concert v'l see a video clip first.. ahah..