Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Aren't We All The Same

Sorry for the lack of updates. Didn't really have mood to update anything.
No time too anyway. 4 assignments piling up, deadlines are so near.
First of all, happy belated 50th birthday to my beloved country. I'm honestly very proud to be part of Malaysia. I love the food, the states, the people. Well, okay, not all, but still, at least half of it :p

Where did I countdown? Hmm, I was out with friends. At a cafe. Just chill out there and makan. It was happening, and fun :) I enjoyed seeing the people there actually.

Anyway, also happy belated birthday to Isabelle and Tracy. Merdeka babies.

Went to Penang and Genting from 31st to 2nd. Nice trips. Not really cold in Genting though. Maybe because there's a lot of people. Managed to catch a lot of 'night owls' there.

A Cantonese went to Penang, not knowing how to speak Hokkien, he suddenly said: "Wa ka lu kong, wa em si king kong!" =_=" Lmao!

It's funny how often you don't bump into people you know staying in the same hotel as you are.
It's funny how you don't get to meet your friends for ages even though studying in the same college.
It's funny how close friends can become un-close and vice versa.
It's funny how things are in life.
It's funny how some people can be a different person when they're with you, and when they're with the others.

Had an opportunity to go to this place where I see a lot of erm... 'not-so-straight' people. I admit, I used to belittle them, but now, I totally changed my point of view after that day. No matter we're straight, or 'not-so-straight', aren't we all the same? And somehow, I think they seemed to know how to enjoy life even more. They're even much more friendly, much more happier, much more sporting, and they don't care at all. Rather than having a girlfriend who complains a lot or don't care about them, they as well find someone who's more of a friend rather than 'girlfriend' who shares the same interest and trust each other :) I'm happy for them. Wishing the best for all of you out there.

I don't know what's wrong with my stomach these few days. Airy, and losing my appetite. It's already like this since last week. Today, I vomited all that I ate. All out. Twice. Well, of course not as bad as someone I know. :p I guess it's indigestion. I just hope it's not something that I think it would be =S

Arghhhhhh, where should I go for my intern? Really no idea. And I'm losing time to choose. I'm desperate enough to go to anywhere that I can go now. Help.

~The worst feeling on earth is liking someone but not being able to tell him/her about it~

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