Thursday, August 30, 2007

Craving Satisfied

It's 2.45am now.
Been doing OB assignment. It sucks to the max seriously.
I've been craving for maggi mee for a few days.
Suddenly just miss it because haven't eat it for a long time already.
Stomach was playing drum just now.
So heck with the time and headed downstairs to cook maggi.
My brother was downstairs searching for food too.
So I cooked two packets of maggi for both of us.
Craving satisfied.

Had Tony Roma's this afternoon.
Seriously, their food are all superb, wonder what's the secret behind eh?
Had their Roma Burger and 4 of us shared the Kickin' Shrimp, Onion Loaf, Chicken Club Salad.
Full to the max and the max. Bloated.

Found quite some number of food blogs that introduce restaurants and food all around.
There's masak-masak, a whiff of lemongrass,, kyspeaks, living in food heaven and a whole lot more!
Darn. I'm so gonna compile a long 'to-eat-list' and find kakis to go JJCM.
Haha, compared to them, I guess I'm really nothing. Hehehe!
Will post links of these food blogs on my template soon.

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sarahg said...

I like masak-masak's blog as well. i get loads of information from there. must have eating tour one day. you shld look for this one as well - think it is called milk and cookies or is it the other way around? sarah