Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surfing Up or Down?

It's 2am now, having class at 9am later but I can't sleep. Don't know why. Feeling all depressed now. Thanks to somebody. Blames. Faults. Responsibilities. I shall say no more.

Went for movies today. Surf's Up. Great show! Although it's only 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Funny. And cute lil' penguins all around :) I love Arnold :) Hehe! Edmund thought it's the continuation of Happy Feet. But there's no connection with Happy Feet at all ok. Bare in mind.

Yahoo! I'm going Langkawi! August 14th! Seriously, although it's like 2 months away, but, like Edmund, i'm excited about it! Even there's only the four of us going. But i'm sure it's gonna be a great trip! Wish the others could come :) The more the merrier!

Having slight running nose now. Noooo~ I can't get sick at this time! Daniel's birthday bash is this saturday. Sunday, his 1st promo at 1U. With Danny! Yippedidooda! It's Danny & Daniel! The one and only time! D2 in the air! I'm so gonna be a sakai on that day. If you think you'll be embarassed to stand with me, go further away from me ya?

~ Each individual is a mini iceberg ~

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