Friday, June 08, 2007

Mature VS Outdate

Kau meang ahhhhhh! My sleeping time really all terbalik dee. Slept at 4am, woke up at 2pm. Now it's 4.20am and I'm still wide awake.

Just now I was so bored, was looking for yum cha kaki. And I realize my yum cha kaki all not here anymore :'( CY is in Penang, SS in Klang not free, ML in SYTYCD, luckily still got AA :) So went to her mamak and yum cha until 1.20am. I didn't realize it was so 'early' until my dad called. I told him to wait for me outside after 15 minutes cuz i'm scared since my relative's incident. Ok, I think I better share with you girls who're reading. Please take extra precautions when you're going back home or going anywhere next time.

My relative who is staying behind my house was nearly kidnapped last week. @_@ She just came back from college at about 9pm, parked her car and was at the entrance of the house and a car came and 4 indian guys tried to pull her into a car. As her house is facing a park, 2 of the guys were in the car and 2 others were sitting at the park - WAITING. They tried to drag her into the car but she resisted of course. Screamed and the dad and maid came out. The guys did not run off or anything but still tried to drag her. End up they failed but 3 of them got bruises. Well, I don't know the exact story cuz my mum heard from my grandma. But it scares me anyway. So girls out there, please don't go out until too late! Get someone to wait for you at the door when you're going home. Lock everything and get ready your stuff before you come out from your car. If you notice anything suspicious, call the police. If you're scared and nobody's home, drive off to someone else's house first. Kesimpulannya, just take more precaution. Guys, take care of your girls (mum/gf/sis/whoever). And lastly, those idiots who does all these things, may you get karma, and rot to death.

Randoms #12
Sometimes I wonder, am I too matured for my own age? I realized that often the thoughts or feelings I have are more 'matured' compared to other people 20 years elder than me. Is it that my mindset too complicated? Or is it that they have too simple minds? That's just what I feel. Is it that I'm too matured? Or is it my mindset is too 'kolot' and outdated? I tend to have very traditional thinking and I guess I'm not open enough to accept new trends.

I have a bad feeling about it. From the day I knew about it. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just too sensitive and overthinking. But I will be praying for the best. Hoping that nothing bad will happen.

I better go get some sleep now. Shit, got gastric now. Good night. :) End - 5.08AM

~ Believe in hope~


Shin Sar said...
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Shin Sar said...

You better be careful ah. You are the one who always go home late late. Sampai tarak tau waktu. Aiyoyo!
Don't let your parents worry le my friend.

Sakai ah, why are you always thinking about the mature thing one?! You are not la! Love yourself as who you are ;)