Saturday, June 16, 2007


I'm so lack of sleep these few days. Now only I realize that I have so many things to do. But too lazy to move my butt to do it :(

Yesterday went BTS with Foo, KY, Edmund and some special guests. Haha. Heaven knows who the special guests are. We went to sing karaoke at Neway. Students free leh! But only free one drink lah. Then if you want to order snacks it's at RM5++ per dish. Quite big portion also. But the chips are heavenly freaking ex-kau-pensive! RM9.00 per small bowl ok! And they give 4 so RM36.00 gone! *poof* Sang from 1 - 5.30pm. By 4pm also I no strength already. Then, Edmund bought tickets to watch Fantastic Four. Woah, it's nice! Very funny. And a small part very touching. Hehe.

Then, we went to Jalan Alor to have our dinner. (Sorry anju, didn't go to ur place.) We ordered balitong because Edmund never tried before. I knew it was difficult to suck it. I think out of 10 pieces, I only manage to eat 7. Haha! I sucked, i huffed, i puffed, i poked, i korek like a mad woman. Haha, and Edmund even blew one out and it landed on my shirt which I was seating opposite him. =_=" Sakai!

After eat until full full, we walked back to BTS and then took the car to have KTZ tong sui. Yum yum. Ate my mak chook. Then all go home happily ever after. :) I enjoyed myself, and this was a very 'eye-opening' day for me as well. Hehe! Well, all the best to the special guests, may you two be blessed with love, joy and good luck always. Bon voyage and we shall meet again soon :)

Today, since I've been craving to watch '200 Pound Beauty' so I went to Cineleisure to watch. And also to collect my Daniel cd from CD Rama at Ikano.

Erm, to me I will only give it a 4/5 rating. I mean, it's nice, but maybe there's a lot of isi tersirat in it and I don't understand what they're talking about, I only can read the subs, so I find it a bit kelam kabut. And I thought it's a diet show, mana tau it's about plastic surgery. But, I still cried like a burst pipe inside. Especially the ending. The main actress is HAWT, the main actor is HAWT too! And I love the songs in it! *Mariaaaaaa, ave Mariaaaaa!* I've been humming the song the whole day. This show gives me the determination to lose weight! Aza aza fighting! *namo namo i shall not eat so much, i shall exercise, i shall work out namo namo*

So many movies I want to watch!!! Pirates, Spiderman, Surf's Up, Ratatouille, Shrek, Martian Child (the trailer looks interesting, and touching), Transformer etc etc etc :) Who wanna watch with me?

Now, I'm sick. Slightly feverish but now ok dee. Soar throat. Gnet, you 'yeh bei' me one lor u sakai! Hehe! Samore yesterday sing k like a cow singing like that, hopefully I will still have voice. Oklar, need some beauty sleep now. Good night. Mariaaaa~~~ Ave Maria~~

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