Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lack of sleep...

3 days in a row out for events...

It's the day... the day that all Pinkies had been waiting for... It's Daniel's album pre-sale event! First of all, Amanda, so so so sorry for not attending your party :( I know you're disappointed with me, but all I can say is i'm sorry.

Nothing much happened actually. Just games, Q&A, Daniel sang Yin Wei You Ai then autograph session. I was very the blur cuz too many people, i don't even know who to talk to, and what to do. Daniel was so nice, he shook hands with everybody who line up for autograph, and he ask/tell everyone different things!! Daniel *lub*.

It was very nice to see everyone, young and old, those who're active, those who're
not so active, and those who'd MIA for a long time coming back :) Though I didn't have the chance to talk to everyone, but I'm glad everyone took the effort to come and give their full support to Daniel. I'm sure Daniel is very happy and touched to see everyone.

Pinkies World - A family I'm proud to be in :)

Looking at him laughing so happily, is more than enough. You happy, I happy :) When I saw these pics, I felt so touched and had the urge of crying. After 1 year and a half, he's finally out with his 2nd album. A more matured man he is, a better man, not the boy next door we used to see anymore :) All the best Daniel. 1306 - I'm waiting.

For more pics on this - click here


Sg Wang's 30th Anniversary Concert. I won the VVIP passes from YG mag. Yay me. Nothing much to elaborate on it besides it's freaking wet cuz it rained from 5pm throughout the whole thing. Thanks to LYZ la! God of rain. =_=" Artists who were there were Daniel, W.H.Y, Buddy, Kwok Fai, John, 2moro, Wang Yi-Da, Hins Cheung, and LYZ. Thanks to the rain, everything went unorganized. When Daniel perform no spotlight was on him, when LYZ perform his CD rosak. The rain actually stopped around 9pm. But after LYZ sing 'in the rain', it rained again! See, no doubt he's the god of rain right? :D

Hinsssssssss!! Ooh, I'm loving him more now. He's so darn good! He kept bowing and thank everyone. I nearly cried when I saw him bow after he finished singing. He's so thinnnnn. Hins, must take care of yourself ok.


Kwok Fai's album pre launch - Went for CCK yong tau foo b4 going to sg wang. Yummeh. Bought 2 albums and got 2 laconic pendants (haha, no chance dee. Only valid for pre launch. Bluek!) Nice =) He sang 4 songs - Xia Yi Pian Tian Kong, Sao Ling, Wo Bu Hui Wang Ji and Love Is Beautiful. Gosh, when he singing the last song, CY went up the stage and presented him a bouquet of flowers. I got emo and I cried. I couldn't control myself. Heaven knows why I cried. And crying is affectious. ML cried too. When we went up the stage to sign, KF ask 'why u cry? u make me cry also la.' Haha. I told him 'u make me cry lah!' and he said 'nolor, U made me cry!'

Went in the car terus listen to his album. I would say I like all the songs. Really. All the songs are very nice :D But my faves are track 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 =) Especially track 5 - wo bu hui wang ji. It's very nice! Very meaningful! It's dedicated to his fans and friends :) Kwok Fai, congratulations on your album release. Go go fighting. We'll support you forever *lub*

Kwok Fai's album "VOIS" front cover. Nice hor nice hor? :D

Then we head to KLCC for Daniel's another pre sale event at the Bookfest. Somehow I enjoyed this pre sale more than the Friday one :S Went up stage to get autograph twice. The 2nd time we went up he was like 'eh?' Haha. He's very blur-ly cute. :) *lub*

I had very weird dreams the past two days. Don't know why. I wonder if dreams become reality? My dreams are so real that I thought it actually happened to me. That's how all this deja vu thingie happens right? Nah, my dream were something bad. That's why I'm hoping for it not to happen. Sigh.

~ I won't forget those who told me 'i love u'.

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