Sunday, June 17, 2007

~Papa Day~

Do we have a choice?
Yes, we have. We always have choices in our lives. It's not about the end result that matters. It's all about WHAT choice we make. The journey we walk through when we made the choice. Sometimes, the choice might not be the best one, but it's the right one. Sometimes, the choice might not look good, but it will bring you memories. Sometimes, the choice you made might offend people, or even hurt them, but that's the only thing you can do. If you're not happy with the choice I make, tell me, before you go into any conclusion that I did it on purpose. I might be the bad person behind all those things, but I have my reasons for doing whatever I'm doing. So please respect me, in order for me to respect you.

Actually, I also don't know what I'm talking about. Tee hee! The word 'choices' is stuck in my head since I watched fantastic four.

Went for Wen Hsin's birthday party at her house just now. Woah, she cooked almost ALL the food that she served! Well, of course with her godmother and family. There's spaghetti, fried tang hoon, fried bean curd, fried spring rolls, siew bak choy, mutton curry, prawns with oats, brownies, jelly, some green kuih thingy, fruit salad etc. Yummeh. My diet plan habis. Fine, start next week :) Though only four of us representing the whole BD20, but we had fun! And Wen Hsin's cooking is damn good man. Can open restaurant liao woo hoo! Sure lah, competition winner la people.

Many family will have the norm that mom will love the daughter more and dad loves the son. However, in my family, my papa loves me more. But my mum loves my brother )(!@&#&$!@)(*! No, I'm not jealous. In kindergarten, my dad will always order a cake for me to celebrate my birthday in school. He purposely took some hours off from work to send the cake to my class. In primary, he cooks the best longevity noodles during children's day and teacher's day for my class. He wakes me up every morning without fail. When I wouldn't wake up, he would massage and tickle me. That was fun :) He would check my ears every week because I had ear problems last time. During festive seasons, I get the best presents. I realize I often get the things I want, well, not that I demand for a lot of things. Sometimes, I even get things that I never thought I would get :) When I need money, he gives me. When I don't need money, he'll still ask if I have sufficient allowances.

We're not the type of father and daughter where we tell each other everything. But anything that he wants to share, he'll tell us. Papa often cooks fantastic dishes for us to eat. And I can see the happiness in him when I say it's delicious :) But all we often say is 'you cooked too much, cannot finish' :( After his appendicitis surgery, he wasn't as active as before. And partly I think is the workload he has with his job as well. But no matter how busy he is, the weekend is always for the family, and weekdays nights. On the other hand, the one going out every night and weekends is me. :( ~guilty~

Papa, I may not be the best daughter in the world. But you are the best daddy in the world :) I know we don't express our love to each other, but in my heart, I just want you to know that I love you very much, papa.

*lub* HAPPY FATHER'S DAY *lub*

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Shin Sar said...

I thought people say Dad sayang/closer to daughter more, Mum sayang/closer to son more. Not meh? Well, I see that in other families la. Haha.

I envy you. You have such loving father. My dad never do all those to me. Cake, food, massage, tickle!!! I never had all those!!!

But I know I have other things from my Dad ;) including both positives and negatives. Haha..