Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I guess my antibody is going down, down, down. Recovered from flu and soar throat previously, and after 2 days, cough and soar throat came back again! Arghh! *bang wall* Besides, were busy preparing for last weekend's Daniel's birthday bash. Stayed at Renaissance after the event using dad's complimentary voucher tee hee. Didn't get much sleep cuz we were chatting until about 4.30am. Don't know why, I didn't really do much things, but was extremely tired. Even until now. Maybe it's because of the weather. It's freaking hot here!!!

Sunday was Daniel's birthday. 1st July. But, he had to work. Ho ho ho. His first promo at 1U. It was freaking hot! And the thing was outdoor. In a freaking secluded area where no one can find the place. Don't understand why they call it the MAIN ENTRANCE samore. And the management don't even allow signs to be put or announcement to be made regarding the promo. Everybody was half dead after the event cuz it was so so so hot! Danny was the guest performer. Yippee! He cut his hair. So cute! And OMG, his dance is awesome. Kesian him dancing and singing under the hot weather with his thick beige jumper. Sweaty. *lub* Thanks for making my day ;D

Watch Danny & Daniel Here!

Credit to Hyin21 for the pics

Ho ho ho! Since it's Daniel's birthday last Sunday. I shall feature his 'Ni De Sheng Ri Kuai Le Ma?' on my imeem. Written by Zhang Jue Loong. Happy birthday Daniel. Hugs. Best wishes to you. Erm... Some might like the song very much, some will hate it totally. So do you hate it or love it? :D

Argh... No one to watch Transformers with :( Everybody is saying that it's freaking nice... but I haven't get to watch yet!!! Sobz. Who wanna watch with me? *wattery eyes*

Finally my dilemma is solved :) I know where I should go, what I should do already. On the other hand, I guess I've been expecting too much again. Really too much. Guess I have to set my priorities, my position, and my relations right. There are always things that are impossible :p

- counting down -

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