Friday, June 01, 2007

Nikelicious :)

Courtesy of: La Bear

Ho ho ho! Went KLCC for shopping today, vowed to buy as many things as possible but end up only buying things from Bookfest *sweat*

(I thank god I don't know how to appreciate branded goods like Gucci, Prada or LV =D Erm, except Nike)

Courtesy of: La Bear

Went there around 12pm, had lunch at Avenue K Uncle Ho's food court - pan mee. Erm, mum said it's famous and nice. Though there's many ppl queueing for it, but I didn't find it nice. USJ's nicer :) And TD's.

Then we headed to Hainan Station for coffee and soft boiled eggs. Yum yum.

Then off we went to Parksons to shop shop shop!!! It was Bonuslink Member's Day, so you get more bonuslink points and of course shopping vouchers. But, we end up leaving Parksons empty handed =_="

After that, we left for Bookfest. Manage to get in for free :p Haha! Suppose to pay RM2 one. Millions of books in there! Got a headache looking at everything. Bought a few books. Well, mostly cookbooks haha! And some cds. The cds were cheap! I mean most of them. Especially the old stocks. Go and see if you want to know what I mean. I bought Lam Yik Pong's cds for only RM9.90 each!

After walking from Hall 5 to Hall 1, we left the bookfest and had tea at Hainan station again. Hee hee! Then we went to Watsons. They have the small doll collection again!!! Whoopee! But they only had 5. Sobz.

The smell is so strong you can smell it from afar. Look at the queue. No offence but I am kinda scared of it. Last time used to eat it like every week.

Then we head home. At night, went to Midvalley cuz bro wants to buy volleyball shoes. Swt. So many shoes already still wanna buy shoe. But it was the right decision to go there! Because I got 2 nike stuff! Woohoo!!!

50% discount!

Nice??? I mean the center bottle only... Ho ho ho! Finally i got a Nike bottle! Woo hoo!!!

Love Green Love =)

and love Spritzer =)

Daniel's album is coming out!!! Wee.... 2nd album it is. It's called "躲不过,Daniel李吉汉” (Unavoidable, Daniel Lee Chee Hun) Hehe. 11th June 2007. I'm waiting. I'm waiting for the surprises you are giving us, Daniel.

Of course, Daniel re-sang Danny's "Yin Wei You Ai", and Danny was featured as a rapper in the song. Also in the MV =D And Danny composed one song for him as well "Love is under the sky". Hmm, why lah all the songs he compose is love love love one? "Because of Love" lah, "Love and Freedom" lah, "Love is beautiful" lah, "Love is under the sky" lah, "Love Wiki" lah. Dot dot dot. And if i'm not mistaken, Danny is the producer for the song Daniel composed himself "Sui Yi Men". =D

Courtesy of: China Press

~If only dreams do come true.

Good night.

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