Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I think my sleeping time is back to its 'terbalik' period again... it's 3.30am now but I don't feel sleepy. Don't feel like sleeping. Lots of things are on my mind now. When only I can clear the thoughts from my head. I told myself to be happy. I must be happy. Stop thinking about all those craps. Stop being emo. Stop messing other people's life you sakai! (I'm scolding myself) Arghhh!

I had fun today :) Went The Curve with Foo, KY, Terence & ST. First sing K at redbox. From 11am - 2pm, you can go for the lunch promotion, cheapest is RM7++ with one drink and one meal. Mine was RM9++ i think. I had spaghetti. The price depends on the food you order. Got 5 choices. Meehoon, nasi lemak, spaghetti, some fried chicken thingy and XO fried rice. Don't dare to sing so much cuz I sounded like a duck quacking. I enjoyed watching the MVs though :) Guess what, it was my first time seeing the FULL mv of Danny's Siapa. (Yeah, scold me, whatever) I didn't see the ending of the MV until today :S Wanted to sing Daniel's Yin Wei You Ai but time was up so no chance. Oopsie. Too bad. And until today, I'm still touched seeing Tong Hua's mv. Arghh...

Then we walked around Cineleisure and Ikano's pet safari. Toy poodles are so cute!!! And there was one baby Chaw Chaw. Gosh, they're all so adorable. Must bring my angel there someday. But the reptiles were scary. My bulu roma all naik. Ish, gelinya. Stupid Terence keep scaring me from the back.

Then, we head back to opposite Kelana Jaya station for the Talipon Restaurant BBQ Steamboat. Yum yum! RM19.80 per person. I'm so so so full. Even until now. Shit, i'm suppose to be on diet to lose weight. Arghhh! Gosh, I love their chocolate sponge cake. It reminded me of my birthday cake when I was young. Hehe! But eating bbq steamboat makes me feel smelly. I can still smell it on my hair now even though I've washed my hair. Shucks.

Better go get some sleep. Hmm, what should I do when I wake up? Arghh, 'wai hor xiong tai dor'. Btw, how many times did i typed the word 'arghh'? ARGHHH!!

爱不一定要拥有,但我需要爱 - 失恋天使
Love not necessary must own him/her, but I need love :)


zy said...

hi..zy here..
so fast u get daniel new album..
how's the songs inside the album?
listen all d? nice ?

Shin Sar said...

Apa dey!!!
That's only the MV le >.<
Actually date the album release is April 13.

The songs? Hehe.. Belum dengar the album also know they are nice. hehehe..