Monday, June 11, 2007

My Malacca Trip...

9th June 2007

Went down to Malacca for a one day trip for the GCMA promo thingie. Szen picked me up and we left KL at 12pm and reach there like 1.3opm. Ta pau-ed McD and eat on the way to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall. Reach there 2PM sharp.

After like 3 million and 56 years I get to see Danny again :) Aww, I miss him :) You don't know how happy I am to see you :)

And of course dear Daniel as well. He sang Yuan Liang Wo live for the first time. And very obviously he was nervous. People that were there should know what I mean.

And there's other artists like John, Project Superstar Top 10. I'm liking John more and more due to the Xing Kong drama. And Henley and Orange *cheers*

Credit to Uncle Rick and Mei Ling for the pics :) For more pics - click here

Never would I have thought that he would say something like that :) I'm more shocked than happy I would say. Totally unexpected. He read it, and remembered it. Yes, Malacca fans are what we can clearly define as 'fanatic'. They pull, they push, they cheer, they scream. (Sorry Teng, copy urs eh?)

After that, we head to Jonkers Street for the famous laksa and cendol. Erm, I don't recall what's the shop name. But the laksa is nice :) Not too spicy, not too oily. Perfecto. Didn't try the cendol though :S

We walked back to our cars and the rest left back to KL and Uncle Rick and family had to go somewhere else. So me, Szen and her bro - Y2K began our jalan jalan cari makan trip in Malacca. First, we walked back to her car passing by the cendol stall but it was closed already. So we drove to have satay celup! Erm, though I've been to Malacca for 4 times, I never had satay celup before. Not even knowing how it looks like or whatsoever. Now, I finally know and tasted it! We drove to Capitol Satay Celup. It was 5.45pm, still got space. At 6.15pm people started queueing already.

You can choose whatever 'satay' you want. All fixed price - RM0.50 per stick :)

Bread cubes and cucumber slices to accompany your satays. You can dip the breads into the pot of sauce, or scoop the sauce and pour all over your plate :p Yummeh.

My cooling coconut drink. *sweet*

Satay celup is similar to the 'lok-lok' steamboat we eat here in KL. In the center of the table there's a hole with a stove underneath to put the pot of kuah. First they'll put a watery stock in a pot, then they'll add in the peanuts and some herbs and spices powder thingy inside. Hmm, I wonder what do they do with the pot of kuah after we've finished eating? :p

Quail eggs. Yum yum.

Y2K found out that I like to eat 'si ham', so he brought us to Jalan Bunga Raya to eat these boiled 'si ham' and 'la la'. It's not a shop but it's a small stall at a lorong between two shops. We reach there 6 something but the lady said not ready yet. So we hang around and went and drank Lo Hon Kor drink near the pasar malam area. We walked around Madam King's and some pasar borong then head back to the shop and to our surprise it was already packed with people!

Note: these people are sitting on small stools ok! :)

Look at all the newspaper articles on them. Flavours, SinChew, even the chinese host Yang Jia Xian visited this stall before too. Y2K said Ho Chak! also came here before.

There's a bucket in the center of the table for you to throw the shells/rubbish inside. They have only two drinks available - barley or limau ais :)

This guy here, we thinks he's the boss. He sits there all day just to do the dipping sauces for the crowd and collect money :) . His left hand is handicapped. So he works only with his right hand :( Szen said that if the dipping sauce is not ready, the food won't be served to you.

There are 5 types of ingredients inside this sauce here. Chili, 'heh kou' (prawn paste), peanuts, sweet and sour sauce and lime juice. Yum yum :)

Their main source of lights at night :S

We were more fascinated by this small little girl working there. She's only 9 years old, and I tell you she will grow up as a smart, intelligent, beautiful girl in the future. She's only 9! And she's already helping out everyday. What she's doing in the pic above is grilling the taufu. While she's doing it, her mum will keep shouting to her how many pieces, how many orders. And she can remember who ordered how many with no mistakes! And, she grills, and even cut the tofu everything by herself! She used the chopping knife like any other experienced house wives! Szen said she's even better with the knife than her. Lol.

Look. She's holding the knife. And she's very good and quick in maths. She counted our table within 5 seconds, the mum came and reconfirmed and she was correct! *bow* She has the most smooth and fair skin, big wattery eyes and the most perfect double eye lid. (Sorry, I'm STRAIGHT one ok! But I love pretty kids like them :) ) There was once she was still cutting and the mum shouted some orders at her and asked her why not ready yet. Out of annoyance she shouted "Tan lah! Boh hoh lah!" (Wait lah! Not ready yet lah!) :D She's so adorable. And there was once she gave some dish to the boss to pour sauce over, when the boss was done he asked "Mei, come and take." Then she's so cute, she answered in Hokkien (Szen translated to me) "Wait, I take the forks first. The fork so bad quality until I can't take it out" Haha! The fork is actually fine. Just that when she's takinig it fell.

The aunty boiling the si ham and la la.

Hot and steamy si ham. *drooling*

Big and juicy.

Daniel! Oops.. I mean la la! :p

Kangkung with Squid :) What we known as 'yau yue oong choi' in cantonese :) Here, they add some pineapples and cucumber. Refreshing indeed :)

It was very meaningful to visit such place. All of them are the elderly people working, not even a teenager, only the small girl helping them. They work so hard to earn some living. With the most basic electricity and cooking equipment, but yet create the most awesome dishes for everybody. Life is not about earning how much, it's about the experience you go through during it. :) Enjoy life people.

My stomach is bloated by then. Y2K asked us to try the famous popiah at Jalan Bunga Raya but I can't take in anymore. Next time, next time. And we passed by this 'Oh Jian' (Oyster Omelette) stall, Y2K said it's famous too, but again, next time, next time.

We walked back to the car and head to buy Roti John before we leave back to KL. But the Roti John stall wasn't open as well. Asked someone working there and the kakak said it was closed for quite long already, not knowing why. :S Then no choice, off we head back to KL.

A wonderful, eye-opening and meaningful trip for me. I enjoyed it very very much. Thanks Szen for the trip. Thanks Y2K for the directions. And thanks to the someone who gave me the unexpected.

Teng - I'm happy for you too. :)

~ Expect the unexpected.


chunyiun said...

THIS is so SUPERBLY unfair!!..Hmmph!!...While i was rotting away at home missing u know who....

U guys getto go for event and makan!!...UNFAIR AHHHHH!!!...But yea...i think the si ham stall u guys went to..Eric was the guest in Ho Chak!...Heeeheee...tarak Eric's pic there meh? :P..

I see all the food in your blog, no need eat also full liao...yummy yummy..even though i was in Malacca for a year...i've never eaten any of the food u posted i ur blog..except the

Shin Sar said...

When I am busy playing with my nieces and nephews and busy watching Hana Kimi, you people enjoying makan-ing!!

Wei.. next time bring me along. Next time ah? OK? Remember ah, next time must bring me along!!!! PLS!!!