Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trip to Taiping, Penang

I'm blogging in Penang! Right now in CY's house, doing nothing so blog for the fun of blogging... Hahahaha......

I was in Taiping two days ago... Thank god I didn't miss the bus nor went up the wrong bus, despite my blurness. I took the 1.30pm bus and reach Taiping at 6pm. SS came and pick me up and we head to her house. Then Szen came and fetch us for JJCM trip. First went to Prima, then dunno where but few shops we tried to go weren't open, so last resort was to go to Taman Tasik hawker center. Yummy yummy food. I drank the best ever 'sa lei' juice ever! Yummy! Hehe.

I spent the night in Sar's house and Shin Yau called back, and I talked to him for a couple of minutes. Glad to hear that he's doing fine in Aussie land. :D

The next day we went and take photos around Taiping Lake Garden. The view is excellent. I never know that Malaysia has such nice views =p The lakes, the fountain, the hills... Szen & Sar said a lot of couples come here to snap their wedding pics... I think next time I will too =D Well, too soon to think about that. Szen said 'wah, you macam never see lake garden before' =_=" Not never see before, it's just that I enjoy all these lakes, gardens, sea, sights very much. I feel very relax and relief when I'm around these places. Haha, perhaps when I retire I'll move to Taiping and stay near the lake garden. Well, lagi too fast to think about this. Hahaa! And I saw a lot of monkeys!! And a cute lil' baby one! So cuteee! (Never see monkey before ar?!? =_=")

Then we went for so-called breakfast at Restoran Kakak which serves nice soup noodles :D And then we head on to Penang!!!!!!! Slept in the car and upon reaching Pg we went to fetch CY near her house. Argh, we went the wrong way and had to make a big round. Then we went to Penang Road for the famous laksa, char kuey teow and ice kacang :) Yummy! And then we went for the redbox gathering at Gurney. Met Ostro, Layleng, Swteh, Yumi, Mich, Maehoe, Elie, their cousin there. Sang and sang and sang, did stupid things, stupid things and stupid things until 5pm. Then we left. Walk around for awhile. And Ostro fetch us back to CY's house. Watch 8864 (Got Danny and LYC :D ) then get ready for dinner with CY's family. Haha, macamlah I'm their family member =_="

That's all about my last two days in Taiping & Penang. Will upload the pics when I get back to KL... So fast, 1 week holiday is gonna be over soon. Have to get back to reality.. get back to college... Argghhh.....

Thanks Sar, Szen & CY - For bringing me around, letting me stay over, even though sleeping at the porch =_=". Thank you guys so so so much. Mwaks.

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