Sunday, February 04, 2007

My wonderful weekend...

Haha... people will kill me by now... 'yao hai Danny ah...'
This post is also about him...
Sorry lah... I'm in love with him... I support him... So I post about him :D

Went to Seremban - Era Walk...

We were wondering if we were at the correct place because the stage wasn't a single mother event but a CNY event instead... Called ML and she said it's a joint event... Phew...

We had dinner at a Western restaurant... I ate chicken chop (sauce is nice but chicken so small piece), teng had fried rice, and we ordered fried sotong and potato wedges (big sucks!)

After dinner, walked out and saw Danny and HX standing behind the backstage tent. Went up and say hi then walked in front to see the show. After Dato Ng Yen Yen's speech, Danny came out and sang "Siapa", dedicated to all single mothers. Then he went backstage, and me and Teng sat down and wait. We went and buy Danny's album and got the Echo Park tag string. Gonna hang my whistle... hehehe!

Teng went the 2nd time to buy cd for ML. But so pandai pay $$ but never take cd. 20 mins later she realized and we went back to take our cd. Then I went toilet and walk passed the other side of the backstage and saw Danny and gang there... (He was there all the while >.<") We went back to our spot. Teng went and request to take pic <3 Then we stood there watching the Urban Groove breakdancers practising. Then the breakdancers' turn to dance. We went in front to watch. Then Danny's turn. He sang "Love & Freedom". Then "Leng Chai" where the dancers and one small kid as backup dancers and breakdancing. The small kid was so chun!

The event finished and we stayed awhile thinking got autograph session. But people just go to the backstage for signing. So we went also. He thanked us for coming and ask us to drive safely. Hehe! Lup Danny.

Went Midvalley for Danny's promo again... Woke up late.
Had lunch at Oasis foodcourt. But i wasn't hungry so i just drank soya bean. 15 minutes later my face turned hot, and my stomach feeling uneasy. They were happily chatting but I just don't have the strength to say anything. After leaving the food court, I quickly walked to the toilet and vomited everything out. The soya bean sucks!
He was in La Manila eating. We can see his head from the mirror. Haha...
He sang "Siapa" and "Wai Hor Siong Tai Dor". We sang along with him. Shit, i'm praying that I won't be on the tv or newspaper. =_=" We were the noisiest ones... But we have to be supportive and have fun mah! Hehe! After that it was the autograph session.

Then he went up and took photograph with the staffs. And he was given a doraemon soft toy. By the Rock Corner staffs i think. Then we went to the stairs behind, trying to see if we can see him leaving. We were doubting, and wanted to go away when I tried my luck and ran up. He came out from a door, scared the hell out of me. He also was shocked. Then we took a group photo and we requested him to sing a song next week. Hopefully he'll sing it :D My fave song... Can't wait for his showcase or something... I just want to see him play the piano... Sing english songs... *lum sei*

Then SS left and we went BK cuz I didn't eat b4 the show. Stayed and chat for a long time. I missed those days. Then we left. I just love this weekend... I had fun... You made me laugh. You made me happy. You made my day. Thanks.

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