Sunday, February 11, 2007

Enjoyable but painful weekend

Oh no... More and more projects coming our way!
Gosh, so many things to do, so little time, and soooo not enough money... Can anyone spare me few thousand bucks for me to spend? :D
Jikalau saya ada sepuluh ribu ringgit, saya hendak... hehe!

Classes on weekdays are usual... Again, don't really have the mood to study... Perhaps cuz dreaming away about CNY. Ang pows, food, mandarins, kuaci, new clothes... I've done my cny shopping dee... Left a nice little bag for the new year... hmm, maybe i'll just recycle old bags to use. =_="

10.02.07 Saturday
Went to 3 events.. Really macam chase star lah. First was Endah Parade's Danny's promo. It only started at 2.30pm. When I'm rushing, it start late, when I reach late, they start early. *pengsan* He looks a bit sick and tired. And he cut his hair. So cute. Like small boy.

He said 'We meet again. Seems like every saturday also we meet hor?' He even asked 'is my hair nice?' *pengsan* He sang 'Love & Freedom', 'Wai Hor Siong Tai Dor' and 'Siapa'. I gave him a Doraemon pillow, Sar, Szen, ML and CY said he thanked me and said my name. But I didn't hear. But when he pass it to his PA, he told his PA "Don't snatch away ah" Evil la he...

Then me, ML and CY rushed to Cineleisure for Kwok Fai's Laconic appearance. Met Pek Li, Mei Yan, Mai Mai and gang there. They started late. They chose 3 couples for a Q&A session. Finally heard his "Love Is Beautiful", I proudly announce that it's composed by Danny Wen! Love the tune, and love the lyrics... So touching. I wonder what makes him wrote this song? Nyek nyek nyek.

Then at 4pm there's a CNY gathering for KF FC at Redbox. I didn't want to go so I walked around... Wanted to look for Zyna's flea market stall but saw Meg instead. And Sar came. Then ML called saying the cny card is with me. So I had no choice but to go Redbox. Stayed there awhile. KF is such an adorable person and nice and sweet. Feel bad if say hi then go away so me and Sar stayed awhile. Don't know what got into me, getting crazy and all, sang Ni Na Me Ai Ta. I did some crazy move which I think shocked KF like hell, but he was sitting behind me and he came and sit next to me. OMG! And we sang together... la la la... Told ya he's adorable. His voice is absolutely fantastic.

Then at 5pm me, Sar and ML left for Danny's promo at Cineleisure. For the Hip Hop Street Party. Forgot what he sang. We wanted to make him dance, but he keep finding excuses, switching topics. Evil him. He said he's scared cuz so many profeh around. He can dance ok! Really must show him sweat sign la. Then his autograph session. And I gave him the bag of 'goodies' =D La la la... Jovee gave him a teddy bear, he go put on his pants pocket. So cute!

Me and Sar walked around and this 'pandai' Szen met Danny twice b4 going back! Arghh! Unfair!!! Hmpf! They're fated. Anyway, then we headed home.

11.02.07 Sunday
Today is d day... D day of Inter'club'sional Futsal Tournament. Woke up at 6.30am and get ready. Aunty Audrey came and fetch me and CY then we head to Sports Planet in Ampang. We were the earliest to reach, belum buka so we go mamak yum cha first.

You may be shocked, but yes I participated. Haha, laugh out loud. There were Pinkies, Jacsville, Rentak Sejuta, Rockenstein, Paul Moss Forum, Supersukis, Farahnatics and MyNita. We were there more of picnic-ing rather than playing =_=" Food was everywhere around us! From nasi lemak to coffee, tea or me to cny cookies, jellies and mandarin oranges! Unfortunately we lost.. Played three games, lost all three. But anyhow we had fun! Loads and loads of fun! So win or lose, we're still the champion! Woo hoo! Hip hip hooray! Was knocked in the 3rd game and fell on my leg.

Then we head to Sungai Wang for an 8tv event. Went to Cosway Bay for lunchie. My ankle started to feel pain. Yeerei made cards for Daniel. Gosh, it's so freaking extremely no-one-else-will-do nice. She spent the whole night doing it man. The thing started at 4pm and ended at 6pm. Got Eric, Daniel, Des and Suki and also the 8tv chinese hosts. So long never see Daniel already. Hair macam lion king. He just flew back from Sabah. Guess he's very tired. At 6 I rushed out to listening to Danny's Xin Qing on 988 - his love stories... so romantic haha. Sat there for 1 hour listening to it while the others waited for me :p Sorry. And I think I saw ZZ, but being short sighted, I might be wrong. My leg was pain and I had to walk limping.

Then me, Sar, CY, Fish, Fanny, Yeerei and Audrey went to eat Korean food. Yummy. But the pork too dry though I thought. But overall still yummy :D Laughed like some baboons at the shop. Heard a super super shocking news and laughed non stop.

I was practically limping all my way back home. Imagine limping from Low Yat, cross the overhead over to Times Square and all the way in Times Square until the car. Yes, I sprained my damn freaking leg. It's freaking pain now. And this CY can't stop laughing at me. Sakai...

I can't wait for CNY! Going Taiping, going Penang! Woo hoo!!!

Danny left a message at his web site.. aww so sweet. But of course it's for all his fans lah haha! Dating? Mimpi lah... kakakaka!

That's all for now. My leg is painful. Doubt I'll go class later. Good night. Mwaks. Peace to the world!

Oh.. PS: Happy Valentine's Day!

Green Love? Where is my love?
(Spot the small red love)

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chunyiun said...

isnt my husband just so adorable and friendly? I told you so!...I have good taste ok!..

N soree, i couldnt help laughing non-stop coz it was so funny..Hahah..but maybe i was just trying to behappy as long as i can b4 the week-long working days starts lah