Friday, February 02, 2007

Syiok Sendiri...

I think you guys are already freaking bored, reading all my posts... because all of it are about the one and only Danny <3

I looooooooove this pic very very much.... Courtesy of Idolhunter of Pinkies World

Szen was driving at 170km/hr all the way from KL to Penang... A wira going at 170?.... Freaking scary

3 sakai on a trip... wiao wiao wiao... to ipoh and penang... wiao wiao wiao...

Danny and KBox boss posing for media

Guess who we met? Alison!!

There's a silver lining behind every cloud... Miracles do happen <3
With ma name... <3
And in Penang, we met Hmay...

I was in love with this... it's tinted on the glass of Rock Corner in Midvalley... I wish i could do this on my window glass :p

At the entrance of Rock Corner Soooooo many! Sooooo cute!

1 comment:

Shin Sar said...

S for "Sakai"
S for "Szen", "Sevvy", "Soursand"
S for "Sweat", "Syok sendiri"

D for "Doremon"
D for "Daniel", "Danny"