Friday, February 16, 2007

Electricity comes from Electrons, Morality comes from Morons

Been eating and eating non stop these few days...
Gosh, i'm putting on so much weight... Makan dee, few hours later feel hungry again... Gosh, didn't know that of all my body parts, my digestion system is sooooooooo efficient. Too efficient I suppose =_="

How did I spent my Valentine? I went for dinner with my dearests. Joanne and Lisa. Haha... I told my mum that i'm going out with Joanne. Just now in my grandparents' house, guess what she told me? She told my dad I was going out with Joanne. And my dad asked my mum back, "Why Joanne and not Joseph?" I was like: who the heck is Joseph? Only then I realize he's just simply crapping a name that starts with Jo**** because of Joanne. Lmao... Then, my brother came home late yesterday as well. My mum asked him where he went? He said "I went dinner with JOesinn." (His best buddy). OMG, so coincident. JO as well. Hmm, let me see... Perhaps next year i'll date Joseph, Joel, Joe, Jomanji, Jojo, Joja, Joju, and even MOJOJOJO!

My 'bro' was sick. He was admitted into the hospital. Saw the white hospital wristband on his wrist. Scared the hell out of me. I totally have no mood after that. I thought it was due to me that he fall sick. But then my 'bro' was admitted for a check up only. Scary isn't it. Well, I think he hates me... I think he's scared of me... Maybe I'll just see him less la... =_="

Well, seriously, what is freaking wrong with Malaysian highways nowadays? Tak pasal pasal jam... All blame on the freaking-moronic-Malaysian-drivers-whom-i-don't-know-how-they-pass-their-freaking-driving-license! KNNCCB!
~ I freaking hate those b******s who thinks they drive a freaking nice race car, speed all the way and when somebody blocks their way, they'll stick to your car butt and flashing their lights like they're being electrocuted. Kcuf.

~ I freaking hate those people who thinks that the roads are owned by their grandmothers or grandfathers, cutting lanes without putting their signals? Why? Does it freaking hurt ur poor little finger just to put your signal? GDI!

~ I freaking hate those b******s who likes to show off... Mat Rempit ker, driving the AE86 taufu car ker, if you freaking drive a nice car, I accept. If not, keep it to yourself ok. I so not want to see your lauyah skills. And sorry to say, I don't know how to appreciate drifting... When it goes down the longkang or being 'burgered' perhaps I'll clap. Ho ho ho... I'll be pointing at you, laughing so bad until i have cramp on my face and shout "DAI SEI!".

~ I freaking hate those b******s who are rushing to go give birth, who can't even wait a single second when they're at the end of the road, and the traffic light 20 cars ahead of them just turned green. Come on lah... Never learn physics ar? SAKAI!

I am sure these people scored As in their moral paper last time. No wonder their morality is sooooooooooooooooooooo "D"isastrous. God, save them.



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