Saturday, February 17, 2007

Death = Appreciation

Did you realize that, many times, appreciations comes after a person's death?
It happened loads of times, well of course to those celebrities that we know, such as Princess Diana, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, and just recently Xu Wei Lun.
Many times, people will only start to appreciate the presence of another after they were gone...
Many times, people will only remember the person after they have left this world...
Having musicals, things/roads named after them... Well, i don't mean to offend anybody seriously.. But I just felt that, what's the point?
Sigh... I don't want to only be remembered after I die.
Will people cry or laugh after I die?
Will I be buried well after I die?
How will my family and friends live after I die?
I want to know... But if I die, I won't know a single thing. I won't get to hear what they say, I won't get to see what they do...
Therefore, appreciate your love ones when you're still in this world. Make others feel happy and appreciated. At least, they know that you actually realize their presence.

I've been doing it over and over again. Am I enjoying it? Yes. But i'm getting bored of it. I don't know why. But I really enjoy doing it. I'm just feeling very emo out of the blue. Tomorrow is CNY, but there's no feel about it. Unwanted things keep happening. Why is this so? Sigh. It's good that i'm going to Penang for a change.

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