Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bad dream...

Woke up at 1.3opm just now... Had a loooooong day at the 50th Merdeka Concert yesterday at Bukit Bintang. Was out from 10.30am to 3am the next day. Had brunch at BTS food court, then head to the stage to check out the place. Then I head to Sg Wang to see Superstars' performance for some Magnum event.

Saeng Sun kept reporting to me about what is happening at the stage. After the Superstars' performance I quickly rush back to the stage. Sorry Teng :S

Was in time for the artists' sound checks. Saw all the sound checks including Danny's <3. We were let into the Super Zone at about 6.30pm and we rush to the best spot we can get. The medias start taking the fans' pics with our boards. I was holding Danny's while others holding Daniel's. Michael (one of the media) asked: "Why tak pasal pasal Danny come out one?" =_=" "We're one stop mah :D" Stood until 7.30pm and the AEC hosts came out and hype up the crowd.

At 8pm sharp, the event started with everybody singing Negaraku. And one by one the artist came out as the opening medley, after that the show began. About half an hour after that, it rained again!! Such a 'lucky' day. 3 times it rained in a day. In the afternoon it was so sunny and hot. Totally unexpected.

It's definitely one fantastic concert that could not be missed. Imagine seeing so many local artists, be it working here or abroad in one single show, *drooling*.

The concert ended at about 12.30am I think. We still don't want to leave and stand in front of the hotel and see see look look. Until 1 something only we left. Thought can see Danny & Eric one =( Then we went to OKR for BKT (My lunch/dinner) and reach home about 3am. Tiring but a blast!!! Though not as fun as countdown, but I still have a wonderful memory =D Thanks.

Had a weird dream just now. I dreamt that I was at a concert or event, can't remember. And I gave a bouquet of flowers to ___. After the event, we went backstage to see see look look. And my friend pointed towards the backstage and say :"Hey, isn't that your flowers?" Guess where the flowers are? In the rubbish bin. =_=" I wonder if it really happens... I wonder if it really happened to my flowers... Sigh, i guess it's just what I fear will happen.

I wonder where's the Patrick doggie... the shirts... the Doraemon... the cookies... in the dump perhaps? :S

~Suan le ba, jiu ze yang suan le ba, gai fang jiu fang, zai xiang ye mei you yong~

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